Developmental Activities and Lessons for 1 year old {curriculum pdf}

My First School is a one-year-old curriculum pdf created by a toddler sensory and nature teacher. It is designed to make your teaching simple, with quick activities you can do every day to enhance language development, cognitive development, creativity, and more!

It was created to give you the tools to be the best first teacher to your child, those running at-home daycare, or similar.

1 year old curriculum pdf

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With checklists, assessment trackers, weekly activities, and monthly masterclasses, this is your guide to helping your child reach those early milestones!

Includes sensory activities, gross motor, fine motor skills, and art activities to learn through play!


THE EASIEST WAY TO LEARN. Want a more structured playtime to teach through play? Follow this easy weekly guide with

  •  12 unit studies
  •  30+ weekly lesson plans
  • over 170 color pages for activities that are ready to use!

Plus, fun color, counting, and holiday activities to do with your one-year-old.

It included easy-to-follow instructions

All games are quick to set up; most are messy-free and fun!

OUR APPROACH – 1 year-old curriculum pdf

So, what can you expect from 1 year old curriculum pdf? Let’s delve into the highlights:

  1. Holistic Development: Our curriculum fosters holistic development, encompassing cognitive, physical, social, and emotional domains. Through various age-appropriate activities, games, and experiences, we aim to support the overall growth of each child.
  2. Sensory Exploration: At one year old, children are eager explorers, soaking in the sights, sounds, textures, and tastes of the world around them. Our curriculum integrates sensory play as a foundational element, providing ample opportunities for little ones to engage their senses and make sense of their environment.
  3. Language and Communication: Language development is a cornerstone of early childhood learning. Through interactive songs, stories, and language-rich experiences, we cultivate a love for language and communication, laying the groundwork for future literacy skills.
  4. Fine and Gross Motor Skills: From grasping objects to taking those first wobbly steps, one-year-olds are rapidly developing their fine and gross motor skills. Our curriculum includes age-appropriate activities that promote both types of motor skills, encouraging movement and coordination.
  5. Socialization and Emotional Well-being: Building positive relationships and understanding emotions are vital aspects of early childhood development. Through group activities, cooperative play, and nurturing interactions with caregivers, we help one-year-olds navigate the world of socialization and support their emotional well-being.
  6. Parental Engagement: We recognize that parents are a child’s first and most influential teachers. Our curriculum encourages active parental involvement through take-home activities, parent-child bonding exercises, and regular communication about each child’s progress and milestones.

Monthly Themes

12 months of themed-centric activities – 1 year old curriculum pdf

1 year old curriculum pdf

Weekly Schedule

5 activities to do each week to work on all areas of development using a no-mess approach, but on Friday, you get art/sensory play!

Printable Games

Printable games to enhance learning through nursery rhymes and vocabulary games.



This is everything that is eye-hand coordination, pre-writing skills, and small hand and finger movements.

Getting your little one ready to write is an important task at this age. Hand movement, grasping, eye-hand coordination, and hand muscle strength will be worked on using the activities on this 1 year old curriculum pdf.


This is everything to gain vocabulary, learn to talk, and everything related to speech development.

One-year-olds should be saying about 20 words by the end of their first birthday, but before your toddler can speak, he/she needs to learn and master sounds. We will work extensively with songs, rhymes, and animal songs to learn and master these. 

There is a lot of vocabulary that needs to be learned, and we will use fun games to learn body parts, common item names, fruits, and more…


This area works on everything related to critical thinking and cause and effect, such as sorting, counting, and problem-solving. 

The 1 year old curriculum pdf has matching activities, memory skills, counting, and matching to work on these skills in a fun way. 


About your instructor

As featured on PBS Kids

I have done the research, I have taken the training that teachers do to master PLAY in their daycares and classrooms, and I have adopted those to home environments.

I am certified in Montessori nature; I have studied the Reggio approach and combined the best learning through play pedagogy and research to create the perfect at-home learning system.

Kid Vision for PBS KIDS has featured my approach to nature activities!

This curriculum system has been tested and approved by many other parents. I tried every idea in my sensory classes for one-year-olds and kept only the best ones—true and tried—for you! 

I saw what worked and what didn’t; the result was this simple  system you can now implement at home. 


“I can tell you about the animals! we started with the cow lesson, and I was teaching her MOO and after only 3 tries she mimicked MMM… she couldn’t get the OOO part, but she is only 11 months old, I consider it a success! Also, the songs… I sang them, and when I stopped, she began to hum” Sesali

The activities were a good fit for my 13.5-month-old. I liked the variety of activities that were shared, and the instructions were easy to understand. She LOVES music. We sang “I am special” 3 times in a row. A couple of days later, I sang it to her and paused before “mommy” and of course she said “daddy!” – Kayla C

“I bought MY FIRST SCHOOL Lesson Plans. I live in Indonesia, another part of the world from you, but the lessons really work! Your plan make my life much easier during this pandemic. I have to struggle between works, my daughter school from home schedules, and one adorable baby boy. It really save my time from thinking and experimenting plans for my boy. I am really glad I found you. Thank you” – CHANDRA