Month 10: Top brain-boosting activities to do with 10-12 month old baby

You almost have a toddler in your hands, but you still might see that your baby still tries to put everything in his/her mouth. For this reason, I always suggest you use lots of edible safe activities.

Before we jump into the activities it is best to review your 10-month developmental milestones to understand what your baby is working on in order to customize the activities to work on those developmental milestones.

During the first three years of a baby’s life, we want to work a lot on eye-hand coordination, sensory exploration, and movement activities to strengthen those body muscles for walking, jumping and balancing on one f0ot.

Your 10-month will be working on sitting up on by herself, work on imitation and cause and effect, eye-hand coordination, development of a sense of humor, recognizing emotions and loving getting other’s attention. For a full list of milestones check The Ultimate Guide to Baby Milestones

So how does this translate to 10 month old activities? I will show you!

10 month old activities

Sitting up on their own

Your baby can go from tummy to a sitting position by herself. So now you can create games that are on vertical surfaces like windows or walls. This will allow your baby to work on strengthening those back muscles.

Sticky Balls on wall

Add a square piece of contact sheet to the window using a sticky side up and place a few balls over it. Let your little one take them out one by one.

10 month old activities
10 month old activities

Play peek-a-book Games

Using play scarfs or a blanket you can play peek-a-boo. Say “where is the baby” and remove the scarf, then say “there you are!!” repeat the same a few times. After a while, place the play scarf over your head and say “where is mama” and encourage your baby to pull the scarf out of your own head. You can create tons of games using scarfs for 10 month old activities

10 month old activities

Learning about cause and effect

Create this easy DIY toy. If I drop the ball here, then I will find it below.

Learn more about this ball drop game

cause and effect toy using pom-poms and a carton of milk

Developing eye-hand coordination

These play silk scarfs are a great buy! honestly, you can do so many games with them. Also, I love making my own toys, so next time that you get an Amazon delivery, make a circular hole in the top where your little one can put his hand in and pull the scarfs out.

Pincer Grasp Activity

Working on the pinching grasp is a fine motor activity you can do at home. Here are two activities you can play with.

have your baby try pushing the pom-poms through the small hole.

Curious minds!

You can probably tell that no matter how many activities you place out, your baby is very curious. They get into the Tupperware cabinet and want to explore all of his surroundings. This is all part of healthy development so choose a cabinet they can open and close, take out containers and explore. You can do this in the kitchen, or even your own closet.

Loving getting other’s attention

Your baby will continue to show stranger anxiety but will love to get the attention of those he feels comfortable with. You will start seeing a sense of humor and he will make funny things to make you laugh.

Laugh with him, and celebrate the wins! clap! soon, he will start clapping his own accomplishments.

And how to deal with stranger anxiety? well, you can work on waving hello so that your baby is not completely avoiding strangers but can stay safely in your arms to reduce anxiety.

If you want more ideas, grab FUN UNDER 1 ebook! it has over 60 activities you can do before your baby turns one year old! it even has a messy section so you can do some fun activities using sensory materials!