2 year old curriculum (free lesson plans)

Looking for a 2-year-old curriculum PDF with free lesson plans? Choosing to homeschool my child is one of the most fun decisions I’ve made during my early years. We created so many fun memories together, and I got to help him reach important milestones and get ready for Preschool.



Creating a curriculum that aligns with your goals can be challenging. Feeling confident you can do it can also feel very overwhelming.


Download 2 year old curriculum (free lesson plan)

Looking for free lesson plans you can use with your two year old and help them reach milestones? here are some of our favorite lesson plans you can download for free.

2-year-old curriculum PDF free lesson plans


We are so confident you will like our teaching style that we want you to try the full year.

Downloading random activity packs can be fun, but I also know that it is time consuming and now always effecting in getting your child ready for preschool.

If you are looking to work with a child on a weekly basis, you need to have a plan and a set of activities that will develop your child and move him towards the next milestone.

That is why I created a low-cost full year lesson plan that will cost you about $1 a week. That’s less than you weekly coffee run 😉

Stop trying to figure out what to teach them, instead follow the path, someone already did the work and give your child the skills needed when entering prek3 next year.

What’s Inside:

THE EASIEST WAY TO LEARN. Want a more structured playtime to teach through play? Follow this easy weekly guide with

      • Learning Assessment concepts

      • Two-Year-Old Milestones tracker

      •  Lesson Overview and Monthly Calendar

      • Simple Weekly Calendar

      • 24 learning units

    plus fun color, counting, and holiday activities to do with your one-year-old.

    It included easy-to-follow instructions

    All games are quick to set up, most are messy-free and fun!



    Pre-made weekly lesson plans for every day of the year!

    Monthly Themes

    12 months of themed-centric activities

    Weekly Schedule

    5 activities to do each week to work on all areas of development using a no-mess approach

    But on Friday you get art/sensory play!

    Printable Games

    Printable games to enhance learning through games.




    Two Year Old Learning Assessment Sheet Tracker Included to help easily track progress, record notes and create a learning keepsake

    download Toddler Curriculum

    As featured on PBS Kids

    I have done the research, I have taken the training that teachers do to master PLAY in their daycares and classrooms, and I have adopted those to home environments.

    I am certified in Montessori nature; I have studied the Reggio approach and combined the best learning through play pedagogy and research to create the perfect at-home learning system.

    My approach to nature activities has been featured in Kid Vision for PBS KIDS!

    This curriculum system has been tested and approved by many other parents. I tried every idea in my sensory classes for one-year-olds and kept only the best ones—true and tried—for you! 

    I saw what worked and what didn’t; the result was this simple system you can now implement at home. 


    This is exactly what I need homeschool my child. I spend so long looking for activities and I used to not do anything.

    By Georgia K

    MinMom of Tamia

    I love to like I giving my daughter a head start when she starts her preschool. The activities are simple and a lot of fun for both of us

    Amalia T

    Mom of kirssy

    Bond and play with your little one with these fun and easy to set up activities! 

    Who’s behind the curriculum

    Hi, I’m Alexa, a bilingual mother, infertility survivor, sensory and nature teacher, and promoter of learning through play.

    Through my courses, blog, and classes, I share play and learn ideas for moms like you to do at home.

    With a passion for kids and years of supporting kids through play to reach milestones, I created a community of moms supporting each other while caring for their kids at home.

    I host monthly free circle time events and weekly sensory and nature classes, translating those into learning programs to recreate at home.

    I am your play coach! Your resource to keeping your child entertained while reaching educational milestones using simple, fun activities- all based on research focused on how kids learn best. PLAY.