35+ Fall bucket list IDEAS for toddlers (PDF)

For those days when you need an easy activity, pull out the fall bucket list Printable guide for toddlers and have some fun!

Let’s be honest, it is not always easy to come up with ideas to entertain our toddlers.This is why I created a fall bucket list of ideas you can pick up and do.

No need of extra supplies

No need of setups

just open and play!

Fall Bucket List for Toddlers

Entertaining a toddler is hard! but here are 30 ideas you can use this season to have some fun! Scroll down to get the fall bucket list printable and activity tracker.

fall bucket list printable Activities For Toddlers

Download the guide and get all 30+ Easy ideas! See below a few of our favorites we have done so far this year.

fall bucket list printable
fall bucket list printable

Collect Different Color leaves

This season is a great season to teach colors. Leaves are changing color and falling down which makes a great activity to collect and explore different colors. Take a nature walk and collect different color leaves, then sort them by color.

Make a Bird Feeder

This activity is one of our favorite activities to do in our nature class. Collect pinecones and add peanut butter and bird seeds. Tie a rope around it and hang it on a tree branch.

#1000 Hours Outside Tracker

The guide comes with a tracker to encourage you and your toddler to be outside during this season. Color a leaf each hour you are outside and be one step closer to the goal of 1000 hours outside.

Get The Fall Toddler Printable Bucket List!