The Best Activities for 0-2 months Baby

Let’s be honest: entertaining a baby may seem like a breeze….until you’ve actually tried it

It’s never too early to start playing games to help your child reach their sensory, communication, feeding and motor milestones.

Encourage your infant’s development with these fun and easy activities

Babies seem to eat and sleep all day long, but there are a lot of things you can do from the start to help boost your baby's brain and development. Here are 5 easy ways you can play with your newborn

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1. Sing nursery songs

Listening to or singing nursery songs with your baby is a great way to bond with your little one.

Songs have a stronger rhythm and beat than conversational language. This inspires body movement.

The rhythmic movements we use when we sing – such as swaying, rocking, bouncing, clapping or dancing – helps your little one absorb the sound patterns of language with her whole body.

Feeling the timing, tempo, and beat of language helps your little one learn to speak and will support her later introduction to literacy.

20 Popular Nursery Rhymes

Best Nursery Songs on Spotify

Fingerplay duck theme action songs

My favorite – is to tell my echo dot “Alexa, play some toddler music” I just recently found this digital CD on Amazon Music and I love it!

2. Engage baby in different visuals

Do you have the playpen or infant seat in the same location? babies can get bored of looking at the same thing.

Move the baby along with his infant seat to different areas of the house. Do you have to cook? bring him to the kitchen. Sit outside to drink your morning coffee, or even take them to the bathroom as you take a shower.

Moving your little one to different locations, allows you to keep your newborn nearby while still get things done.

The different scenery provides your little one with a new view to look at and engaged as they discover this wonderful world they are just learning about.

3. Contrast Cards

What type of decor do you have on the nursery? are there soft pastels and complicated paintings?

What if I tell you that little ones is highly attracted to high contrast images.

Newborns are especially attracted to black and white patterns like these high-contrast flashcards from Amazon or these fun black and white animal flashcards

Older babies are attracted to black and white patterns with a splash of red like this fun mobile or this stroller book of images

Fun under 1 ebook has two pages of high contrast cards you can print out along with 60+ activities you can use at home.

4. Play with your Newborn Baby through a Baby Massage

When a baby was born he didn’t know where his body started and where his body began. A great way to bond with baby and to teach him how to be aware of his own body is through a baby massage.

Massage is known to calm colic, promote sleep, relieve gas and constipation, lower the risk of jaundice, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, boost muscle development and relax the muscles. All things you want for your baby!
play with your newborn baby with a baby massage
play with your newborn baby with a baby massage

Keep in mind that an infant massage is quite different than an adult massage. You don’t want to apply a lot of pressure, because your little one is well… little, and delicate.  It is more like smoothing infant’s skin.

Learn more How to give a baby massage

5. Practice Tummy Time

From the moment your baby was born you have been hearing it, Tummy Time is important. This important practice can also be fun.

Go chest to chest as you enjoy the baby’s cuddles.

You can also use props as shared in the baby activity book where you can use props like a beach ball to make it even more fun and play with your newborn baby.


So there you have it, five easy ways to play with your newborn baby at home. If you want more ideas on how to play now and in the future, don’t forget to check out Fun under 1 ebook. It has over 60 activities you can play with your baby divided by your baby’s development stage.

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