The Sensory Play Queen!

kid activities with alexa

Alexa is not afraid to get messy and often encourages parents to let their kids do the same. Let go, get creative, and explore learning through their senses.

Alexa is a mom, a step-mom, an infertility survivor, a sensory teacher,  and a home educator. She is dedicated to helping parents play and teach through play to little learners at home.

In her efforts to spread awareness about learning through play, in partnership with a local Reggio Emilio Preschool, she launched Sensory Mommy & Me program for her community supporting parents to educate and feel confident in their role as first teachers. 

Covid happened, and she was forced to take her classes outdoors. Only to realize the outdoors was her happy place and the environment provided rich learning opportunities; now, sensory exploration through nature is a core part of her programs.

Work With Alexa

She currently partners with local indoor playgrounds, trains other sensory teachers, and has a home-parent curriculum, among other fabulous resources, to guide and support other adults who are educating young kids before preschool and want to do it through a play-based approach. 

Mentored and part of a PLAY advocacy community, Alexa hopes she can reach many families and educate them on the benefits of a play-based approach, nature as a teacher, and sensory as go-to as a tool for learning in the early years.

Welcome, to her little home on the internet; get inspired, create fun memories and make the first three years of your little learner’s life easier, more fun, and full of play.

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 Alexa is always here to help!