7 Activities with Cornstarch for Sensory Play

Cornstarch sensory play is one of my favorite play bases. Grab a box of cornstarch and make these sensory recipe ideas for a week/month/season of fun!

Oobleck | Cornstarch Sensory Play

Oobleck, this science experiments is one of the most famous recipes to use with cornstarch. All you need is 2 parts cornstarch with one part water to create this neutonian fluid. It’s solid when you grab it and liquid when you let it go.


  • Add Cocoa powder to create a edible mud
  • Add Orange food coloring and create this melted pumpkin activity
  • Keep it simple, add green color and some real apples and celebrate apple week with the original oobleck recipe!

Chalk Paint

Use a water bottle or a paintbrush, creating chalk designs is a great spring activity! The best thing, is that because it is based with cornstarch it is an edible safe activity and it washes off easily with a hose.

All you need is equal parts cornstarch and water. Add 8-10 drops of food coloring to create different colors.


Leftover paint? you can save it for later. Keep it in the refrigerator, when you are ready to play again, add some water, shake and it should be good to go!

Edible-Safe Paint using Cornstarch

My favorite edible paint is milk based but if your baby is not yet ready to play with something that contains milk, here is a super easy and fun recipe you can use using cornstarch, water and food coloring.

Clay Recipe

Making your own clay is so much fun! we did it for Christmas to make our own ornaments and it was a such a fun experience. The clay molds like a playdough but it hardens out when it dries out. Make a circle and place your baby’s handprint and you will get a keepsake you want to save forever!

Watercolor Paint

Watercolor is a great fine motor and science activity.

Mixing colors with paint is a great learning opportunity as well as allowing your child to get creative and express what they cannot express with words.

For this recipe you will need vinegar, food coloring and cornstarch.


This two ingredient playdough is also called cloud dough. It uses cornstarch, water and food coloring. It doesn’t contain any preservative so it wont save well for use later but if you are looking for something easy and fast this is a great option!

SUPER IMPORTANT TIP: Place the cornstarch on the bowl first and then slowly add the hair conditioner for a perfect blend and consistency

Fake Snow

Some of us do not live in a climate that snows, so the best thing is to make fake snow using 2 ingredients you probably already have at home.

This recipe is messy! so definitely prepare your are ahead of time and have fun (without the cold weather!)


As you can see using this one ingredient can make you tons of fun sensory recipes! now the question is, which one will you choose first?