13 BEST brain-boosting activities to do with Your 3 month old baby

If you are looking for brain development activities for your 3-month-old baby, this post will give you tons of ideas for getting started.

Omg mama! you no longer have an infant! isn’t that crazy? Now, you probably get when people say: “Time flies.” It also means it is time to get playing with a purpose.

Embrace this time with them and have some fun using these activities to play with your 3-month-old baby to inspire some simple play with your baby, too! bonding opportunities as well as brain-boosting development for them.

activities with 3 month old baby

In order to fully take advantage of the activities, let’s talk a little bit about where your baby is developmentally. It is important that your baby moves towards reaching the next milestone, and the best way to do it is through games. Take this opportunity to bond and to teach. You got this, mama! This will be fun, so let’s get this started.

Developmental milestones at 3 months old

Babies this age spend more time awake and become more curious about their surroundings. They are getting physically stronger and better able to coordinate movements. Encourage the learning process by talking to your little one, responding to his or her vocal expressions, and providing colorful age-appropriate toys.

Key Abilities

  • Moves legs and arms off of the surface when excited
  • Uses his/her vision to follow black and white or brightly colored objects
  • Is able to open and shut hands
  • Is able to bring hands to mouth
  • Is able to be on the tummy for short bursts of time

brain development activities for 3 months baby TO BOOST FINE MOTOR SKILLS

 Reaching for toys

brain development activities for 3 months baby
Photo by mali desha 

Toys can be so much fun now that your baby is more active. They love to track colorful objects, bold patterns, and crinkling noises. Use your play baby gym area to show different toys. Change these often to keep your baby interested and engaged. Print these free black-and-white contrast cards and tape them above the baby gym or the mobile over the crib. Enjoy how your baby will be so attracted to the high-contrast images.


brain development activities for 3 months baby
row row row your boat is a favorite brain development activity for 3 months baby

Brain development activities for 3 3-month-old baby can be as simple as singing to expose them to language development.

Rhymes and songs develop language skills, and you can start with these baby three-month activities. baby they are a great way to teach those beginning sounds through verses and repetitions. Put your baby on your lap and sing to the tune of Pat-a-cake. As you sing, grab your hands over his hands and clap together.

Repeat this play with other songs like Humpty dumpty, Once I caught a fish alive.

Repetition of rhymes and stories is good for the brain, teaching how language works and building memory capabilities. Nursery rhymes help develop inferencing skills, both with encountering new words and in reading comprehension. Because these verses are made up of patterns, they are easy first memorization pieces.


gripping toys

activities with 3-month-old baby Photo by Kelly Sikkema 

Your baby is working his eye-hand coordination and he is now opening and closing his hands. Take this milestone opportunity to create a fun game. Show a toy over his head and slowly bring it close to his hand. Wait until he clutches the toy and grabs it. Then try to pretend to pull it and have a little tug-a-war game. (Like this game? I have more where that came from!)

Baby Situps

Photo by The Honest Company 

Baby sit-ups are a great way to strengthen your baby’s muscles and are also very fun for you and your baby. Grab your baby’s hands and slowly lift him up until he is sitting. Celebrate when he is sitting. Then, slowly lay him down until he is completely lying on the floor.

Practicing Tummy time

Tummy time at this age is my favorite baby 3-month activity to do. Some babies can start interacting with sensory bags and sensory bottles, and it is so much fun to watch them track the elements in the bag.

oh, tummy time! the doctors say it, your mother says it, and everyone says it. Yet, sometimes your baby hates it. But it is true, I’m going to say it too. tummy time is super important. It is an important exercise to help strengthen the back muscles, the core muscles, and the arm muscles.

It prevents your baby from having a flat head and having to hear a baby helmet! Prop your baby on the floor and practice some tummy time. If your baby doesn’t like it, you can add a rolled-up blanket under the armpits to prop him up and help him. You can also download the tummy time tips guide to make it more fun.

CAn you follow MY voice

One of the things that are most familiar when being outside of the womb is your voice. It is familiar, it is home. Create that comfort by talking a lot to your little one. Take this opportunity also to make it a fun game, move around as you call your baby’s name, can he follow your voice? you can even sing his favorite song as you do so.

activities with 3 month old baby for language development

Encourage Imitation

Photo by Wesley Tingey 

This is a special time to bond with your little one. Play is a great way to do this. At three months, your baby will coo and interact with you. She will make noises and watch for your reaction. Laugh at her cooing, pretend you are having a conversation, and, to make things even more fun, imitate whatever she does. This is the first step in teaching her the basics of communication and conversation.

activities with 3 month old baby can be a lot of fun!

tracking toys and people

activities with 3 month old baby

Babies at 3 months are still working on developing their eyes and tracking objects. Take this as a learning opportunity and sensorial fun activity and go around the house collecting some lemons, toys or things that make lots of sounds and move them around, side to side, up and down. Your baby will love tracking them and learning so much about the world working through his senses.

Learning his/her name

It is a perfect time to start getting your baby used to that name you gave him. After all, I’m sure you took a long time choosing the perfect name for him/her.

  His/her name is one of the very first words she will begin to attach a meaning to.

Incorporate his/her name when possible. Sing songs using her name. One of my favorite songs is to use the “B.I.N.G.O” song and replace the lyrics to my son’s name.

There was a mommy and she had a baby
Manuel was his name-)

and Manuel was his name-O

Mirror mirror on the wall

Who knew that something so simple could be a lot of fun? why? because at this age they are so attracted to faces, even their own on a mirror – as they won’t know is their own reflection yet. Give them an unbreakable mirror and see what happens. It will be the cutest thing as they start smiling to themselves.

Explore touching different textures

from the activity book Fun Under 1

Exploring different textures is essential for development during the younger years. It is a way for your baby to practice tummy time and actually make it interactive. You can make a busy board like this by collecting different textures and gluing them onto cardboard. This is an empty diaper bag box, and I glued some dried colored pasta, raw rice, cotton balls (in black and white contrast), some fuzzy paper, and cut out soft and hard strips of sponges. Make sure that whatever you use is securely glued and the baby doesn’t put it in his/her mouth.

Get Up and Dance with me!

activities for 3 month pld baby
Photo by Jonathan Borba 

That’s right! it is time to get up and dance. Choose your favorite song – you know, the one that you would probably dance at the top of your lungs and sing in the car when no one is looking.

Grab your baby and start dancing! As you hold your baby in your arms, explore different movements. Move them up and down, side to side, round and round. Bounce them and move slowly and fast. All this movement is stimulating the development of the vestibular system. This system, located close to the ear is responsible for our balance and the awareness of our body in space.

Riding a bicycle

During my mommy & me classes, I always start with a movement song. This allows the babies to stretch and get their blood flowing. One of my favorite exercises is pretending they are riding a bicycle as you circle and move their legs around. I use this bicycle song and just act out the movements using the baby’s legs and arms.

baby 3 month activities to stretch with music

So there you have it! a ton of baby 3-month activities for you to enjoy! actually, 13 different activities to play with your 3-month-old. That’s like 3 different activities a week you can do and always keep your baby amused! And remember, as a bonus, these are all great developmental activities so you are having a meaningful play. They are fun and offer a great bonding opportunity with your little one!