The Best Apple paper plate craft for toddlers

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Are you looking for a fun paper plate fall craft? then you need to make this super simple all paper plate craft.

We love paper plate crafts, so we made this cute apple paper plate apple craft to celebrate fall and back-to-school time. It is the perfect time to work on learning the color red as well.

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Ready to make this apple paper plate apple craft? You only need a few materials, and the kids will love this color red autumn apple craft.

There are two variations of this plate craft . The first one uses a hand print for the leaves and the second one uses cut-up construction paper pieces.

Scissor skills is an important 2 year old milestones so this craft offers the opportunity to practice using scissors.

Supplies needed:

  • Paper plates
  • Red washable paint (we are using coloration tempera paint)
  • Green Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • School Glue
  • Green Marker (optional to draw the hand-print

How to create an apple paper plate craft

To make an apple paper plate, the first thing you need to do to squirt some paint onto the paper plate and cover your little learner hand with bubble wrap.

apple paper plate craft using Colorations tempera paint

My bubble wrap was an envelope from a purchase I got in the mail but the bubbles were not too prominent so when he painted with a lot of paint you could barely see the marks.

I also used two plates, the first, to pour the paint and sip the glove in and the second was our actual craft. I actually think you can save one plate by just adding the paint onto the craft plate and have them dab it around.

We sang the song “apples and bananas” as we created the craft and also said “tap, tap, tap” as he tapped the paint into the plate. This helped me show him what I wanted him to do as well as making it a game.

apple paper plate craft

Once the plate was covered in paint we loved on to the leaves. I cut up a small rectangle out of green construction paper and let him cut up smaller rectangles out of it to create the leaves.

Scissor skills is an important skill when entering preschool so we take every opportunity we have to practice.

Once the craft is dried, I added some school glue to the top of the Apple. (I chose a space that had the least paint). I usually let him do the glue too because he loves to squeeze the bottle, but he was so done with the activity that I just did it to finish it off.

Apple hand-print version

Do you wish you could save his hand-print forever? Well, crafts are a great idea to do it.

Trace your little learner’s hand onto green construction paper. Cut around the handprint.

If you don’t have green construction paper you can do white paper and paint your little learner’s hand use green paint and pressing it down onto the paper.

With a dab of glue, attach the hand-print (marks on the back) to the plate. Let it dry and it’s done!

apple paper plate craft

Making crafts at two years old might be a quick activity but you can repeat it many times to give enough exposure to the materials. At two years old, crafts are all about exploring with the materials, getting messy with the paint, feeling the stickiness of them glue and having fun!

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