Recommended Art Supplies for 2 Years Old from a TEacher

I love art, and I would love to share it with the kids. I taught art and craft lessons for kids when my stepson was in elementary school, and I have always had a large art collection at home for my own personal art projects.

As I became a mother and started doing art with my son I realized that there is a time and a place for certain art materials and not all art supplies are best for toddlers.

Here are my favorite Art Supplies for 2 Years Old

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Must-Have Art Supplies for 2 Years Old

Toddler Scissors

Art Supplies for 2 Years Old

Scissor skills are important to start this year. Get a good pair of toddler scissors to practice at home. Start with scissors that are not sharp, and then when they get comfortable using those, get toddler scissors with a better blade to cut paper.

School Glue

Elmer’s Glue is my favorite brand for glue but since this year is all about learning how to use our supplies any glue will do. Just make sure it is easy to squeeze as their little hands are not as strong and we don’t want them to be frustrated.

Googley Eyes

arts and crafts for two year olds
Lady bug made with Art Supplies for two Years Old

Most projects I have done tend to ask for google eyes. There is so much you can do with them as you can turn any painting or drawing into a monster or an animal with just a pair of google eyes.

I tend to gravitate to the medium and large Googley eyes. I feel the really tiny ones are hard for them to grab, manage, and add. Add glue to that, and they won’t be able to manage it at all. Get medium and large sizes.

Construction Paper

Get a pack of rainbow-colored construction Paper.. So many projects will call for it that you will be thankful you have it handy. You don’t have to get a fancy or super high-quality brand, just one that will not rip easily and can handle a toddler playing after the masterpiece has been finished.

Get these Art Supplies for two Years Old ahead of time and always have what you need in hand

Pipe Cleaners

Carrots made out of orange and green pipe cleaners

Get a small pack. So far, we have only used these for crafts that require playdough to create little creatures and free play, but I know as we create more projects together, these will come in handy more and more.


 Art Supplies for 2 Years Old
Playing with lemon-scented homemade playdough and animal figurines

Either make it at home or buys a few different colors. Playdough is a fine motor activity that your toddler will definitely start enjoying at this age. As they get more into pretend play, they will start using playdough in many ways.

I recommend non-toxic playdough or soft homemade playdough. We even have fun totally edible confettii-playdough recipe.

For store-bought options, opt for non-toxic brands like Colorations Playdough (Amazon) or Eco Kids (Amazon).

A little tip: Always is a tray to play with playdough, this helps your toddler learn that “playdough stays in the tray” and it avoids the playdough crumbs to go all over making clean up a lot easier.

Markers, Crayons, and Paint Sticks a favorite Art Supplies for 2 Years Old

Not everything has to be a sticky mess. Sometimes, you just want a quick art project without all the mess. In those cases, pull out the crayons (regulars will do), washable markers, Do-A-Dot markers, or a set of paint sticks.

Do a Dot Markers

Do-a-dot markers are very fun! You can use them as stamps to create fun dots of color or to color by spreading the color around.

Paint sticks are similar to glue sticks in shape but have dried paint. They paint like a crayon but it is actually paint. The colors are strong and bold and a lot of fun! Just make sure you keep them close or they will dry up quickly.


I should’ve put this one as #1! Paint offers a lot of opportunities to learn at this age. Paint gives you tons of opportunities to play with colors to create new ones, create hand and foo prints, and explore different materials to paint that are not just paintbrushes.

I am using a lot of washable paints. They come off easily from furniture and clothing and are very fluid, making them easier to spread around. For some projects, like painting on wood, you will need two layers of paint to do a good job covering the area, or you can use acrylic. But for the most part, I recommend washable paints.


Watercolors are easy to set up, and the kids love them. Painting with water on a coloring sheet is very fun. The end result is very translucent and soft colors.

Pro Tip: One art teacher and now a good friend I met on Instagram shared this tip: Place paint and water into the cups and place them onto a milk carton or box to prevent accidents by tipping over the cup of water or paint. The last thing you want is water all over their art!

Art Apron or Smock

A toddler smock, apron, or old T-shirt will come in handy to save their clothes. Ikea has a cheap one that I love. It is long-sleeved with elastic at the wrist and a high neck to ensure nothing gets on the clothes.

I recommend looking for smocks with long sleeves and a waterproof material (Amazon). The art smocks from Bumkins are a great option and their designs are super cute! – they’re lightweight, easy to clean, and have a cute design.

Chunky Paintbrushes

Chunky everything (crayons, paintbrushes, dot-dot markers) is better for toddlers at this age who are still learning to grip things and manage them with their tiny hands. Check the dollar store craft aisle. Sometimes, you are lucky, and you find them there.

Food Coloring

Okay, maybe this one doesn’t belong in the art list but mostly on the sensory list, but there is so much you can do with food coloring that you are probably going to go shopping after reading this list. Then, it is my advice to just grab a box of food coloring while you are at it! I love the pop of color these give, but I have also used the ones you find at the grocery store.

Final Thoughts on Art Supplies for two Years Old

Art supplies don’t need to be expensive; you can get most of these supplies to get you started at the dollar store. Great, an art cubby with paper and a few of these supplies. Get started with some art activities at home.

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