Month 2: Top Activities To Play With Your 2 month old Baby

Your baby is growing so fast. About this time around you are starting to get the hang of things but still might be a bit sleep deprived.

You are doing a great job mama!

But even with the lack of sleep, you want to have some playtime with your baby. How do you play with a two-month-old baby? Well, to make it easier for you, here are a few ideas you can test at home and find what your baby likes the most.

Get ideas how you can play with a two month old baby. Even with the lack of sleep these are sure fun ways I found to bond with my child
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play with a two month old baby

Many of the reflexes that your baby had at birth will start disappearing. (see baby milestones guide).

About this age, your baby is starting to discover that his hands belong to him. He will look at them and wonder and wave them around. Once he realizes that they are his, your baby may also try to use his hands by closing them around for a toy.

Not only will he begin to distinguish the world around him but he may begin to distinguish patterns in sounds, smells, tastes and textures too.

So how can you help your little one explore all of these senses? here are a few ideas on how to play with a two month old baby

What activities should I do with my 2 month old?

Play with Ribbons

Put your baby on a large towel or blanket. Turn the A/C a little to the warmer side and let your baby play while wearing just his diapers. At this time, your baby loves the freedom of his naked body. Feeling the breeze, and taking in all of the information of exploring his sense of touch.

Tie a colorful ribbon around his hand or foot and let your baby explore his hands and feet. Remember, at this stage, they love to explore them.

Make sure the ribbon is securely attached and watch your baby closely so that he doesn’t accidentally untie the ribbon.

Chatty Chat

For the time when your baby feels like talking, sit down, draw your knees and support your back. Make yourself comfortable and place your baby on your thighs on his back. Talk to your baby.

about what? your day, his eyes, his skin, his brothers, his pets, everything, and anything. The importance here is the rhythm of your voice and your facial expressions.

House Tour

Because your baby can’t grab items and bring them closer to examine, he has to rely on you to bring interesting objects to him.

When you need a stretch, when he is fuzzy, grab him and take him for a house tour. Show them the kitchen, the pantry, the birds outside the window, the bathroom, the entryway, etc… Let him touch and feel whatever seems to be interested in.

Take a bath

You don’t always need toys to play games, taking a bath together can be a great fun and bonding experience for both of you.

Babies tend to love water and love to see how the water moves, the waves, and the drops. Lay on your back in the tub and place your baby over your belly. Sing row, row, row your boat and move back and forth along with the song. Make some waves and watch as your baby enjoys the movement and water.

Tummy Time is play time

Play with a two month old by making tummy time fun. You can use any of these sensory bags or other sensory play ideas to help them work on this milestone and have some playtime at the same time.

How long should tummy time be at 2 months?

Tummy time is super important at this age. Working on your little ones core and the ability to lift his chest of the ground (seen usually at 4months) is vital for his development.

  • In the beginning, newborn tummy time should consist of two to three 3-minute sessions daily. As he gets older and stronger, gradually increase the length of time, working up to a total of 20 minutes a day.

Check out the milestone for this age and if your baby is on track.

If your baby is having problems liking tummy time, then check out these tummy Time tips and tricks

I hope that gives you some ideas about how to play with a two month old. Take this time to bond and to share with your little one the world around you.