How to Create a baby activity schedule

Do you find yourself sitting in your baby’s playroom not knowing what else to do to entertain him? do you need a baby activity schedule? Do you feel like you should be doing more but don’t even know where to start?

That’s how I felt. I google everyone’s daily schedule and tried to mimic it just to realize that my baby’s nap schedule was different than what these schedules shared and no one gave me specifics. I wanted more, more specifics on how to divide my day to maximize my time with my baby and feel productive at the same time. I still use this schedule framework now that my son is two one year old.

The best type of baby activity schedule is a schedule that has enough structure but also has enough flexibility to account for life and for the baby’s moods and growth milestones.

Since I used this framework I have been able to accommodate and shift to my baby’s growth and life changes but still, continue to provide him the same general structure.

No, I won’t be telling eat, sleep, nap. You already know that.

I won’t tell you either what to do minute to minute of your day, because that won’t work either.

I will give you the framework for you to create your own minute to minute schedule and change it as your baby grows.

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Easiest baby activity schedule

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Create a Theme for Each Day of the Week

Before you start creating the specifics of each minute of the day, it is easier if you have a general theme you will create for the day. You will pull activities based on that theme.

Create general themes for each day to save your sanity

For the summer I chose one day for music, one day for water play, another for gross motor skills focus like going to the park, and another for sensory play to work on fine gross motor skills. Choose appropriate activities for each according to what your baby needs to work on and baby milestones like tummy time if they are under 6 months of age.

baby activity schedule

Create a Theme for Each Week

I have also found that when I have time if I create a general theme to work on each week it helps me to come up with the ideas of each specific day a lot easier.

For example: For the week of 4th of July my theme was red/white/blue.

Music Monday: I introduced Manny to patriotic songs and our National Anthem

Music is always fun for the kids. Share different types of music even if they can’t play with the instruments yet

Swim Tuesday: We played with a bin with some water and red and blue balls.

Fill a large plastic bin with water and balls for a fun summer game

Wednesday Wiggles: We played with bubbles and sang our favorite songs

Think it Thursday: We played with watermelon and created starts (I created stars while Manny poked holes in the watermelon.. which is totally ok. He was discovering and working on his senses as well as cause an effect. If I push my finger hard into the watermelon, what happens to the watermelon?

Creative Friday: We painted a flag using red and blue paint. We created our handprints instead of the stars and red to create the stripes. We used lots of painters tape to help us out)

add different activities to create a baby schedule
Creating a craft can be customized for both baby and older kids so siblings can do activities together

baby activity schedule: Divide your Day into Blocks

This was groundbreaking for me.

I divide my day into 4 blocks.

  • Morning
  • Early afternoon
  • Late afternoon
  • Nighttime

Add your baby’s current nap time schedule to the block that it falls into.

Take into account basic things like breakfast, taking a shower, etc…and add those too.

With the open spaces, insert different activities and things you want and needed to do on each day.

I like to focus my mornings on fine motor skills and language development so I do some type of circle time (a circle time of two – just baby and me) and sensory activity which is some type of problem-solving activity.

Usually, mornings are where most local activities are happening so I try to participate in a few of those a week to get us out of the house and have some other mommy-interactions. (God knows I need some adult conversations from time to time)

In the late afternoon, I always do outdoor play.

I have done this even when Manny didn’t even sit up yet. Just going outside and looking at the leaves move, smelling the grass and feeling the fresh air is an activity in itself for infants.

We sat on a blanket or spent time in our garage with our garage door open. We go to the community park or take a stroll by the lake in the back of our house. 

When inside – Change locations

Part of my activity schedule to not go crazy inside the house is to change locations throughout the day. Do tummy time outside at the park, or maybe move from room to room in the house as your baby plays with blocks or legos. (of course, choose an activity according to your baby’s age and development)

Moving from one place to the next and changing the scenery helps you and baby mentally.

Even if it’s from the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room. Do not stay in the same room all day – both of you will go crazy! Have different toys in different places in the house ( a small basket will do). Different toys in different locations also stimulate the baby to find “something new”. This is a great benefit if you need to fold laundry or go make your bed.

Tweak and Tweak again

There you have my secret sauce to avoid getting bored throughout the day. If something is not working on your first schedule, change it. Tweak it and customize it as your life and your baby’s mood is.

Enjoy your baby!

What activities do you include in your schedule?

Free download PDF Printable template so you can create your own weekly schedule <download pdf>

activity schedule printable for babies and one year olds
Choose a printable schedule to help you plan your week and activities