The best gifts for newborns up to 3 months old (they will actually use)

From tummy time to eye-hand coordination I have selected a few gifts to help with the developmental stage of a baby. These baby shower gifts are aimed to support that growth. These toys are not just fun but they are teaching the baby something. Get any of these toys and you are not just providing a fun time but also giving educational support.

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In my opinion, the best gifts to give for a baby shower are gifts that are useful, educational and that they will help mom make her life easier. Like the book on how to play with your baby! this book is great because it will come a time when mom is going to get bored and will not know how to play with her baby.


The best baby shower gifts to give out at a baby shower is a gift that makes mom’s life easier when it comes to entertaining her little one. Keep that in mind when choosing a gift and you should be good!

These toys are great as baby shower gifts that are proven and recommended

baby shower gifts are hard to choose when there are so many options out there. Here is a baby shower toy guide to help mom during the first three months as she adjusts to her new role.

Baby Shower Gifts

1. Musical Lion – This saved my car rides for many months! It has over 50 songs and is full of sensory tags and a mirror. I like toys that you can use for a while and this one was one of them. As he developed new skills the lion was there to help promote developmental growth and entertainment.

2. Baby Socks Toys Wrist Rattles  – This toy is great for the development of eye-hand coordination and From the age of two months, babies turn their head towards a source of a sound, though it may be in the approximate and not exact direction.

3. A lovey – From the moment your baby is born it is great to start getting them used to a lovey. This is a companion that will aid in sleep training and will be your baby’s best friend. I got this exact one, it is made with organic cotton to avoid any common allergies some newborns have to fleece. I purchased two because I would have to go on a trip loose bunny (that’ what we call him) and then have a full-on panic attack. 

4. High Contrast Mat – Newborns have a hazy vision at birth,  they will stare at an object placed in front of the face about three feet away, especially something large or with contrasting colors. Black and white contrast is ideal for this age. I had printed copies of patterns like this tapped to the changing table. THIS is way better and portable! 

5. Fun Under 1 eBook – Not just because I made this book that I included it here, but honestly it is hard to be sleep-deprived and figure out ways to play with your baby. This takes the guesswork away and provides over 62 activities to do at home for playing and bond with your baby for the first year of life.

6. Doc-a-tot – Because a good night’s sleep is worth every penny! This is the one thing I regret not getting. You swear you won’t co-sleep yet when your baby only sleeps over your chest or next to you, you want to have the right tools to help you. Everyone that has it raves about it and if I could go back in time, I would get it in a heartbeat!

7. Tummy Time water mat – Tummy time is super important for a baby’s development and you can actually start working on that the moment they are born. This fun mat makes tummy time a lot more fun.

8. Einstein Musical Toy – Your baby becomes alert when hearing a pleasant sound, like music. This toy has lights and different songs and has been a top seller and favorite of many. Definitely one of the toys we used the most.

If you are looking for baby shower gifts or toys to play with your newborn, I hope this gift guide was useful to you.

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