DIY Ball Indoor Game to work on eye-hand coordination

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Keeping the baby entertained is not an easy task. You constantly have to gather materials and create new games to keep baby’s mind developing and engaging all of his/her senses.

Here is an easy activity and DIY game for your 12-month-old you can do at home. If your baby is one that loves to throw things in the toilet, this is a great redirection activity to calm that “need” to throw things.

Activity: Drop Balls – Working on cause and effect 

Activity designed for 12-month-old babies but it can be just as fun for babies up to 18 months


Watch the video below or read the instructions to learn about this fun game!

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Remove the flaps from the top of the box to leave the box open. 
On one side of the box, cut 3 holes. We chose to cut it in circles because we were using balls as the drop-in object.

How to Play:
-Show your baby how you drop the ball in the hole and how it can be retrieved from inside the box.  
-Do this a few times until your baby wants to do it and praise when he accomplishes the task
-Play together: You can count as you drop the balls, 1,2,3. You can name the colors as your pick up the balls. 
-Play independently: Once your baby gets a hang of picking up the balls and dropping them in, he/she can independently play with this new toy. 

Tips and Variations

If you have extra time, you can paint the box, or assign a color to each hole and match the ball with the hole to learn colors. 

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Activity for 12 month old - Sometimes you need easy activities to entertain your baby at home. Try this DIY easy ball drop activity ideal for babies 12 months up to 18 months