The #1 Toy to Aid Your Child’s Brain Development

If there is one toy I suggest you get as early as one-year-old is a Lego Duplo set. This toy was developed as a learning tool and I definitely recommend you start them young to help nurture your toddler’s brain development.

As researchers have discovered, construction block play, including with LEGO Bricks, offers a full spectrum of benefits to a developing mind.

Legos are a learning tool and you should have them at home. Here are the benefits of legos and how they help your child's brain develop.

Legos provide a great opportunity for toddlers to be introduced to the concepts of persistence, patience, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Toddlers can stack, sort and build. Lego building encourages creativity from an early age.

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Lego is one of the first math lessons

Stacking is one of the first math lessons. Counting, comparing, adding pieces, substracting. They are doing math without realizing it.

How many Lego Duplos can your toddler stack before he gets too tempted to knock them over? Can you stack 3 legos? let’s count….1, 2, 3.

Ideas of symmetry, balance, shapes, and sizes are explored during play with Lego.

Children experience working with fractions when they observe how many small pieces can fit into a large piece and can begin to experiment with the division.

Lego teaches perseverance

As your toddler grows, Lego encourages children to have a go, take their time and to persevere. As fine motor skills improve, children can create more elaborate construction and follow complex designs.

Lego promotes fine motor skills and pre-writing skills

Children practice dexterity (control of your hand) as they connect different sizes and shape of Lego pieces. It is a great practice for eye-hand coordination. This simple task requires different amounts of pressure to assemble and becomes a wonderful exercise for little fingers.

This task supports pre-writing skills with the development of control of the pressure as they apply when stacking and assembling – the same as used when writing.

Lego develops problem-solving

Toddlers need to learn how to follow instructions. As they grow, following instructions becomes part of their daily life and this skill is then practiced as they follow directions to assemble Lego. Legos offer benefits for children’s problem solving, focus and attention to detail.

Overall Legos are a great tool to have in your playroom. When looking for lego options opt for free play pieces – the classic lego or Duplo with classic pieces – like the train Duplo Set are the best option to encourage creative play and get all the great benefits this learning toy has to offer.

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