Best Toys For a 2 Month Old Baby and Aid His Development

Getting the right toys for your baby is super important for your baby’s development. Your little one cannot move on their own yet so they are relying on you for entertainment.

We talked about ways to play with a 2 month old baby and now, we are going to talk about age-appropriate toys for a 2 month old to use that will aid your little one’s development.

Stop wasting money on toys you don't need. Get these toys for a 2 month old baby and help him reach his milestones while playing

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Toys for a 2 Month Old Baby

Toys that help him explore his hands and feet

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Cute Animal Soft Socks Toys Wrist Rattle

Your little one is discovering that his hands are his, his feet are his so take this learning opportunity to enhance that learning with the right toy.

Playthings that dangle overhead

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Baby Spiral Bed Stroller Toy Monkey Elephant

Perfect for on the go, in the car or when you are out shopping. Keep that little one entertained!

A moving musical mobile

mobile with dangling things that can be touched and played with

Musical Mobile Baby Crib Mobile with Hanging Rotating Toys and Music Box

Music is great for sensory exploration. The fact that this mobile has toys that can be touched and played with is a win for me.

A musical box with moving figures

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Super small and portable, I think it’s the best $5 ever spent! (well, we got it as a gift but still… well worth it)

Tummy Time Toys

toys for a 2 month old baby that help with tummy time

Tummy Time Water Mat 

You can make your own sensory bags to practice tummy time (but are not as portable as this) or you can have these super fun mats.

Playthings to swipe at or to touch

Baby activity teething toy

Multi-use toy. This has lots of sensory materials and the trunk makes it easier to hold. The bright colors and black and white patterns are a must for this age.

Cuddly toys to talk to or to laugh at

Story finger puppets

These are great to start conversations, pretend play and even singing. Babies love singing and love puppets so this is a total must for me!

Mommy or Daddy- You still top the chart as his favorite toy!

You can’t beat mom’s or dad’s face and voice! don’t be afraid to be silly, sing your favorite song and just narrate what you are doing. Babies love that!

If you want more ways to play with your baby then check out last week’s post How to play with a two-month old

It is super important to have age-appropriate toys for each stage of your baby’s development. Do you have already some of these toys at home?

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