13+ easter activities for toddlers

looking for easter activities for toddlers? read along with these ideas and have a great spring fun time.

Goodbye, winter! Welcome spring, the renewal, decluttering, and deep cleaning! It is also the season where the kids are home and we need lots of ideas to entertain them. 

 Spring break it’s a beautiful period of the year. A needed pause to share with your family that lasts the exact time to not stress out about it. 

Let’s make spring break fun with this fun, easy easter activity for toddlers f to celebrate the season as a family.  

Create a Duck Pond

Yes, it might sound simple but it’s also fun for the kids and is totally free! Kids of all ages can enjoy throwing food to the ducks. Probably a few of them will have ducklings. For little ones, this is a great opportunity to work on language development and eye-hand coordination. Let them grab a few seeds and throw them over for the ducks to grab. 

Need ideas on what to feed the ducks? here is a list of what you can give them: 

sweet corn, lettuce, frozen peas, oats, rice (cooked and uncooked, both of them works). 

Scented Bubbles 

I haven’t met a kid that doesn’t love bubbles! They love to chase them, they love to pop them and they love to dance with them. Making bubble solution is easy and affordable and spring is the perfect weather to go blow some bubbles outside. I love the idea of using scented bubbles to change up the bubbles we use regularly. Use lemon-scented, or other scents that remind you of spring. 

Bubbles are not just fun but they are a great activity for development. It is also a great activity for toddlers that love to throw things. 

Use this video recipe to make regular bubble solution or use the recipe below from The Chaos & Clutter to make scented bubbles using essential oils. 

  • 1 1/2 cups lukewarm water
  • 1/2 cup unscented, clear dish soap
  • 1/4 cup light corn syrup
  • 3-5 drops [your choice of]  essential oil 
  • optional: 3 drops of food coloring

Bunny Shaped Pancake Party

Kids of all ages love pancakes, and they are also a great BLW breakfast idea. My older son usually has one or two friends sleepover spring break and I make them pancakes in the morning. 

Want some healthy pancake ideas? check HealthyMommaMondas recipes and feel good with these yummy but healthy versions of pancakes. 

This time, I have decided to step up my mom’s game and make the pancakes buddy shaped. 

For my toddler, we will do the dippers baked in bunny shaped containers, and for the older kids, I will combine a few circle-shaped pancakes to make a cute bunny laying down. 

 Make &  Fly a kite

I always associate spring with flying kites. My husband loves to fly them and the kids love to watch him. So this year, one of our family activities will be to make our own kite and go to the local park to fly it. 

We have never made a kite from scratch, so everybody in the house is excited to start making them from scratch. We can make big ones and small ones for our toddler. This way, everyone can participate. There are many types of kites you can make: simple kites made of paper, kites made of newspapers and papagayos full of colors. 

For toddlers, we recommend this easy one as Crafted by Me shared on her instagram page.

Decorate Easter Eggs 

Probably the most famous easter activities tradition to do during this season, and there are so many ways to decorate easter eggs!  Decorate them using shaving cream You can do dye-tie easter eggs or even this easy dry rice technique. 

All you do is add some raw rice to a Tupperware and add some food coloring to it. Let your toddler roll around the eggs to make a fun speckled design. 

you can make edible eggs with a homemade vegan recipe of eastern eggs (a healthy option for your kids).  the possibilities are endless!! watch this video full of decorating eggs for easter ideas you can do with your kids to make their easter more colorful and fun. 

we tried this simple coloring activity at home and we loved it! Swipe to the right on the Instagram photo to see our video and how simple it is!

Bunny Crafts using Paint

Collect toilet paper tubes and create cute little bunny print using construction paper and washable kid’s paint.  

With the leftover paint, you can make a drizzle bunny. This one is great for toddlers as you can let them drizzle and paint the paper freely, once the paper is dry, you can cut out the paper in the shape of the bunny. 

Check out our Pinterest curated board for Top toddler Easter Crafts to make this season

Make Paper Sunflowers 

Not all easter activities and crafts are bunny related, you can do a lot of garden-themed crafts as well. I love this sunflower craft because I get to save the shape of my little one’s hand in a cute craft and remember how little they once were. Use yellow construction paper and draw outlines around your hands. You will need a few to make the petals of the sunflower. Make stems. Use green construction paper to create the leaves. Stick your beautiful sunflowers together in a row on you got yourself a family handprint garden.

Paint rocks

Spring weather is perfect to take a walk outdoors. Head out to your local park and collect some rocks. Look for rocks or pebbles that are smooth on one side so that later on you can paint them over. Use washable paint, stickers and paint the rocks. When dried, you can use them for your pretend play, small world play, counting activities and even learning colors.  

Potato Stamping 

This was my favorite activity when I was little. It is so easy to make and a lot of fun! You can design flowers, letters, numbers, and even Easter eggs!

Cut a few potatoes in half. Then cut cute easter egg looking shapes in each half. Prepare little plates with paint of different colors so your toddler can deep their half of potato in it. Stamp the painted shape in a piece of paper or wherever they want. This makes a great easter activity to do wrapping paper designs. 

Decorate cupcakes

Baking it’s a very fun thing to do as a family. Baking is also a great skill for toddlers. Let them pour and mix – of course – under supervision. They will be able to be part of the process and enjoy the end result. 

Make Easter color frosting or buy bunny cupcake toppers to create this cute Easter themed designs. 

Need a vegan cupcake? Try this healthy option for the family

Composting, Recycling, and other Gardening Activities

There is no better way to educate our kids about the importance of protecting our planet than making simple and fun things with them that involve the planet. 

Create a mud kitchen, plan a flower or learn how to water the plants are all great spring activities for toddlers. 

If you have older siblings, then composting is a great learning experience during this time. 

Here you’ll find step by step what you have to do: Find a bin a put it in a shady spot in your backyard. Add grass climbing, leaves and food scraps (like fruits, vegetables, eggshells, coffee ground, and tea bags). Water the compost to keep it damp but not wet. Add some large red worms (that’s up to you) to speed the composting process.  Turn the compost over once a week with a shovel, your kids can do this. When the materials break down, move the bin into your garden to help your plants flourish. 

Read books and make easter activities about the ebook

We all agree it is good to have a space to share in family and be away from the ipads, phones, TVs, and computers for a while. Visit your local library or bookstore and choose spring-themed books to read together. Extend the experience by creating some activities around the books like a sensory bin or a craft. 

Enjoy this season with your little ones with these fun easter activities family bonding activities!

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