Best Educational Subscription Boxes for baby and toddler

Subscription boxes are my favorite way to discover new toys. They are curated by experts and for a low monthly price, you get a curated selection of items to use.

I personally had two ongoing subscription boxes for our baby during the first year and I am I have already selected which one will be the best subscription box for our lifestyle during the toddler years.  Read on and find out which one I chose.

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8 educational subscription boxes for baby and toddlers

subscription boxes for baby are confusing and if you are thinking about getting one here are my favorite recommendations for those that provide some educational value

1.Blumm – As a new mom I was overwhelmed with the options of brands and products out there.

cost: $34 a month.

This subscription introduced me to brands and products I otherwise would not have known and most months I was very happy with their selection.

I even did a YouTube walkthrough of our December unboxing. Unfortunately, once we hit 12 months the boxes were not that good so we moved on.

Choose your Bluum box here

2. Lovevery – The new kid in town! This box did not exist during my baby years and I think is the best box out there!

It has a hand selection of toys that are educational and developmentally appropriate for each age. You can see what you get on each box and are Montessori oriented.

If I had a baby at this time, this would be my box!

Finally had the chance to review and analyze the toys that come in the Lovevery subscription box. These are my thoughts:

  1. I love that you know exactly what to expect in each box.
  2. Love that their toys are heavy Montessori influenced
  3. Love the play cards to take the guesswork away

Although you can recreate some of these toys at home or buy them separately, I think for the price you pay monthly it is a great way to ensure you have educational toys and activities to do at home.

Choose your Lovevery box here

Cost: $66 per quarterly box.

3. Hoppybox–  This box comes quarterly instead of monthly like the above mention. Most of the reviews focus on how high quality the toys are, the educational part of them and the uniqueness of them. A few mentioned that these products were products not yet seen on the market yet.

Subscribe Hoppybox here

subscription boxes for baby are a great way to discover new products that have been tested and approved by other moms

4. KiwiCo – the box for the creative, the crafty, the maker and the scientist. This box makes creating things easy as all supplies and instructions come right to your door.

Cost: $19.99/month

The baby box called the Panda box. It comes with developmental projects, activity cards, and parental magazine.

The toddler box is called the Koala box and is aimed for toddlers 2-4 years old.

watch out unboxing video of the Panda Box

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We received our Panda box and here is our unboxing video

5. SpecKidsClub – I had the opportunity to test one of their boxes as part of a collaboration through Instagram. They send a box quarterly with a group of toys along with a lesson plan on how to use the toys.

Costs: $100 per quarter

At that time, my feedback was that the lesson plans needed work and the quality of the toys was not the best.

But… to this day, some of my toddler’s favorite toys are toys he received on that box and have been using for a while – so their selection was great!

6. BitsyBox – subscription boxes for baby developed by a mom who’s focus was to make sure all products introduced to her house during pregnancy were safe, natural and absent of any chemicals or harmful ingredients, now she transferred that concept to not just toys but all types of products you might need and use.

Costs: $16 – $20

7. Bookroo – I love books and when I saw that I could get awesome books delivered to my door I was hooked! They come individually wrapped in the prettiest wrapping paper and opening those are part of the fun. The books are very high quality and a mix of both – fun and educational.

Above are the 7 recommended subscription boxes for baby I think are worth your money.

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