70 Best Sensory Bin Fillers For Sensory Play

Get creative with your sensory bins by mixing up your sensory bin filler.

Sensory bin fillers are the base element every sensory bin needs. You can make it edible and safe if your child is still putting things in his/her mouth or using things from around the house.

Sensory Bin Fillers will allow your child to work on different fine motor skills. Fine motor skills focus on strengthening the fingers, hands, and coordination to learn how to button shirts, tie shoes and write.

From wet and messy to things you can find in your kitchen all the way to DIY recipes you can make, you will find the perfect recipe for your next sensory bin creation.

Remember, toddlers and kids need repetition of learning to happen, so try to give plenty of uninterrupted time for play and leave the same sensory bin idea for a few days for maximum learning.

Use the links provided to find recipes and sensory bin ideas we have done in the past in our sensory class.

Overall, have fun, and remember to use a blanket or towel under your bin to catch any spills and make cleaning up easier.


Get ideas from your kitchen, the recycling bin, and the store. Print this and keep it handy! You will be surprised how many ideas you can create with the stuff you already have at home.


Sensory Bin Fillers

Dry cereal

•Egg shells

•Salt (plain or colored)

•Coffee beans or coffee grinds

•Fruits or vegetables (real or plastic)



•Red beans



Dry chickpeas (plain or colored)

•Lentils (plain or colored)

•Dry oatmeal (plain or colored)

•Rice (plain or colored)

•Dry or cooked pasta noodles (plain or colored)

•Pearl couscous – (plain or colored)

Sensory bin fillers that are non-food

•Aquarium rocks


Cotton balls

•Straws (whole or cut into pieces)




•Pine cones

•Bottle caps


•Cut up pool noodles


•Puzzle pieces

•Styrofoam balls

•Bubble wrap




Kinetic sand

•Shredded paper

•Easter grass



•Water beads

Wet/No Prep sensory bin filler ideas

Water (colored or plain)

•Soapy water

•Soap foam



•Water beads

Shaving Cream

Volcanoes – Baking soda/Vinegar experiment


Oobleck Recipe
Colored Pasta
Colored Dry Rice
•Colored Dry Noodles
Colored Garbanzo Beans
Moon Sand
Edible Mud (chocolate oobleck)
Edible-Safe Foam Recipe
Edible-Safe Water beads Recipe
Toddle Slime Recipe
Gelatin Color Cubes Recipe

I know this list can be overwhelming and hard to remember it all; that’s why I created a PDF file so you can save all of these ideas and use it to create your sensory bins.

If you are looking for an in-depth understanding of sensory bins, why use them, how to create them and how to not rely on Pinterest for ideas but still provide tons of education to your toddler, we launched the Playhouse membership, where I go in-depth about this learning tool, give you weekly challenges as well as provide all the necessary tools and support to help you teach your child at home.