Best toys for 6 month old that are good for development

Your baby is becoming more independent and it is more fun to play with. They are more mobile and crawling so these toys aim to help during this developmental stage.

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This guide aims to help you understand what type of learning and toys for 6 month old you should look for.

Let’s start with a review of the learning milestones starting at 6 months all the way until they are 9 months.

What milestones should a 6 month old be doing?

  • Your baby will smile at his reflection. This is a great time to introduce a mirror to playtime
  • Your baby will develop the ability to not just look at the source of the sound, but also respond to it
  • Your baby will bounce on his legs when held vertically with support.
  • our baby understands the concept of object permanence, which just means that they know that an object does not disappear when it is hidden beneath another object and enjoy activities such as hide & seek.

What’s a good toy for a 6 month old?

A toy is good if it challenges critical thinking, or if it works on a motor skill your baby is working towards. Toys that are safe but challenging are the type of toys you want to choose.

Understanding the milestones your baby is working towards will give you an idea on what toys to look for to help with each developmental milestone

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How do I entertain my 6 month old?

Entertaining a 6 month old can be a lot of fun. Peek-a-boo is a favorite game at this time, hand play, rhymes and songs are also a favorite at this age.

Activities for 6 month olds at home

Now that we have an understanding of what milestones we are working towards during this month, let’s dive into the toys for 6month old recommendations.

looking for the best toys for 6 month old baby? then these are the best 8 toys I recommend you get that offer both entertainment and educational value.

Educational Toys for 6 month old babies

1. Over the door jumper –  Too hot or too cold to be outside? Need a place to put your baby to have some fun while you clean the kitchen? Then this is one of the must-have toys for 6 month old. At this age, most babies love to jump but of course, they need someone to hold them as they do it. You can do an arm workout or you can get this and be handsfree while your baby exercises.

2. Musical toys –  Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. There are many ways to play with musical instruments and your baby will love to sing along as he taps, shakes and makes beats with them. It’s a cause-and-effect tool plus a sensory hearing stimulation toy that will be used for months/years to come.

3. Fun Under 1 eBook – Not just because I made this book that I included it here, but honestly it is hard to be sleep-deprived and figure out ways to play with your baby. That’s the whole reason I created it. It is the book I wish I had. This takes the guesswork away and provides over 62 activities to do at home for playing and bond with your baby for the first year of life. Sometimes you don’t need a bunch of toys for 6 month old all you need is some guidance

4. Shake & Sort Cupcakes –  Want a toy that will be used for a long time? This one is it! Early on your baby will love to place the cupcakes in each hole, open and close the box, dump and restart. It’s a great game to foster independent play. You would be surprised that as toddlers they still love the idea of dumping, sorting and placing items in a box.

5. Snail and stacker – I love toys that promote a skill. The snail moves so your baby has to chase it, therefore promoting crawling and movement. The stacker promotes eye-hand coordination and concentration. Although I didn’t have the exact same ones, these are even better than what I had!

6. Floor Play Mirror – Tummy time or sitting unsupported is still big at this age and now mirrors are super interesting to your baby. A safe mirror can be a lot of fun to introduce at this stage. Combine tummy time and a fun mirror and you have an awesome toy!

7. Baby Faces Peek-a-boo – A book with a mirror plus interactive flaps is an awesome book to play with at this age. Lots of baby faces and facial expressions combined with a fun game they will learn to love makes this book a great addition to your baby’s library.

8. Tobble Stacker spheres –   This toy has been awarded the toy of the year and for good reason! It is great for sensory exploration, fine motor skills, coordination, visual-spatial acuity. They are weighted to it adds a level to the sensory exploration and the material makes it easy to grab on for little hands. 

I hope this guide gives you an idea of what are the best toys for 6 month old babies

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