The Learning Binder 3

Teach just 5 minutes a day!
Ideal for 36 to 48 month Toddlers

Interactive Sheets, Songs and Games with no Prep, no mess just fun!

Get Instant Access and get access to:

  • 76 Pages (Booklet + Game pieces)
  • 27 Games & Activities
  • Tips & Tricks for Maximum learning

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The Learning Binder 3 Overview

Preschool can be super fun when you do things through play. This is why we created these game activities to work on concepts required by the state to be mastered at 3 years old.

This binder covers:

  • Colors 
  • Shapes
  • Number Recogntion
  • Alphabet
  • Occupations
  • Pre-reading Skills
  • Pre-Math Math Skills
  • Life Cycles
  •  and more…

It works!

I purchased many curriculum and programs online that claimed to teach subjects to toddlers only to work through the lessons and realize the subjects and level of activities where too advanced for a two-year-old.

Those approaches were kindergarten teachers making little toddlers mini-kinder gardeners. WE DON’T WANT THAT!

Teaching a child academic skills they are not ready for actually harms development in the long term.

With a lot of money wasted and frustration I took it upon myself to ask, research, get certified in play and test the concepts that two-year-olds can grasp, learn and master.

I worked with Play-Based preschool owners and those experts in the field to understand the concepts a 3 yr can work through out before their 4th birthday.

I tested every idea with hundreds of parents and the result was THIS booklet series.

Help Develop Your Child and Foster a Love To Learn


  No more guessing what is age-appropriate for your child. Every activity has been proven and chosen to challenge your child and be successful. 

This Learning Binder is Powerful

5 Minutes a Day is all you need!

Toddlers have a short attention span.; Therefore, every activity presented has to consider this. 

The binder has been designed to be interactive, engaging, and used for short periods. 

Pick one activity a day and  play with. Give the game pieces to your child and play together, then move on with the rest of your day without feeling guilty!

Hey there! I’m Alexa.

I am a sensory teacher, bilingual mother, stepmother, and believer of learning through play. I am the voice and founder behind Kid Activities with Alexa and I have been helping children learn since 2004.

My mission is to guide you to understand how your child plays, how to take that information and provide them with the best activities that will foster learning, reach milestones and give him/her  a head-start when entering Pre-K, all while having fun with you and creating an everlasting bond. 

I teach this, through sensory activities and lesson plans to support you in your play-and-learn journey.

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