Candy Cane Edible Christmas Activity for babies and Preschoolers

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The holidays are here and with that, tons of activities to do. We came up with welcoming the holiday season with 25 days to Christmas countdown with a craft a day. Get in the holiday spirit with this easy candy cane edible sensory Christmas activity!

Since most of our readers still have little ones that try to put everything in their mouths like babies and one-year-olds. I needed to take the inspiration and make this an edible safe activity. I tested a few ideas and this was the result!

holiday sensory activities, christmas holiday craft for toddlers or babies that still put everything in their mouth 

We found this shaving cream activity that is ideal for older kids who don’t have the issue of trying to taste everything.

I love making edible paint so for this activity we will be using just that. Edible paint.

Sensory play is about the experience, is the process in which your little learner explores different textures. Before 3 years old, your little learner is not much interested in creating a craft, instead, he/she is interested in learning about the world, cause-and-effect and exploring through all of his/her senses.

Let’s take that lead and create a sensory experience candy cane inspired.


Christmas is here and with that lots of candy canes everywhere. We will use the inspiration from this fun candy to create an edible safe activity for babies and toddlers.

We won’t be using candy – to keep our sugar levels down. But it will still be fun, safe to eat and a great sensory opportunity.

Sensory play and messy play is very important for a child’s development so even though this could get messy it is an awesome learning experience for your little learner.

Need Visuals?

Step1: Add food coloring to yogurt (we used greek yogurt for its heavy texture) *optional – add the essential oil

Step 2: Swirl gently the yogurt with food color. Do not over mix

Step 3: Serve to child

Play, have fun, get messy!

Hope this gives you tons of ideas to have fun during the holidays! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the 25 crafts.

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