The Best Glitter Valentine’s Day Sensory Bottle

Sensory bottles are a great sensory activity for babies and a calming tool for toddlers and kids. Make this Valentine’s Day bottle to celebrate Valentine’s Day When using sensory bottles, like this Valentine’s Day Sensory Bottle, it’s essential to ensure that the materials inside are safe and age-appropriate for your baby. Always supervise playtime and …

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Pom Pom Sensory Bottle for Baby using Oil and water

Engage your baby during playtime with this easy sensory bottle using pom poms and baby oil. This sensory bottle is great for tummy time activities with babies that are not yet sitting, great for object tracking with older babies and so much fun for mom to make! So let’s get started! Supplies Needed: Sensory bottle …

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7 Ways to play using baby Play scarves

play scarves baby

Play scarves for babies are one of my favorite open-ended toys to use during early learning. Get a pack and you won’t regret the many possibilities these colorful scarves have during playtime. Scarves for baby play is a must-have during my sensory classes. I have made up so many games and have used them both …

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