Easy fix when playdough is too sticky

Love the idea of making playdough but hate that when you try a homemade playdough recipe and then it is too sticky. I tried hundreds of recipes and finally figured out how you can fix any type of homemade playdough recipe and make it less sticky! Playdough is one of the best ways to keep …

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Nature playdough Recipe using Real Flowers

spring playdough

It’s time to welcome spring with a new nature playdough recipe! Here is the easiest spring playdough recipe you can make at home or at school to welcome this new season. For a printable copy of this spring playdough recipe, scroll to the bottom of the post. Supplies: What Flowers to use? For this nature …

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Playdough Mats

PLAYDOUGH MATS Needing some support in teaching your  2, 3, 4 child at home through play? Download our simple playdough mats to teach through fun playful activities.

homemade playdough recipe list

Coming up and testing new homemade playdough recipes is one of my favorite things to do and you will too! Pick one recipe to try below and remember, if the dough comes out too sticky – add sprinkle in more flour and if it’s too dry and is crumbling then add some water. Playdough Recipe …

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Snow Dough Recipe

Creating a snow recipe that turns into Playdough can be much fun when you need a toddler indoor activity. To make this recipe all you need are two ingredients plus the optional glitter. If you omit the glitter this can be an edible-safe snow recipe! supplies needed Bleached all-purpose flour (used bleached as this one …

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what flour to make playdough? Plus Must-Try Playdough Recipes

Are you looking to make your own playdough? I think you are making the right choice but let’s talk about must-have ingredients and what are the best choices for flour, salt etc… I personally love making my own playdough over store-bought playdough because of the feel and durability. what flour to make playdough? Flour is …

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Bubble Bath Playdough Recipe | For bathtub Play

Make this bubble bath playdough recipe to make bathtime more exciting! Let’s be real, sometimes toddlers don’t want to get in the bath and you have to get creative to do so. We have done sensory bathtime using glow sticks and today, we did playdough for the bath. I was so impressed how easy it …

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Shapes Activity using Apple playdough mats

Use this apple activity to practice shapes this fall. This week has been all about apples in our sensory classes and with our two year olds we have also been working to recognize shapes so I knew I had to create an apple shape activity. of course because I am extra, I also had to …

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Fizzy Playdough Recipe

Make this super fun playdough recipe that will double as a science experiment! We did this recipe for apple week and I green apple scented hair conditioner! it smelled amazing and doing the vinegar mix was so much fun. I used an apple mold to create mini apples and froze them before unfolding them to …

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Why and How to introduce Playdough to a toddler

Playdough (or brand name Play-Doh) is a new texture to many toddlers, so playing with this might not come naturally as one might think. Manny, who loves to get messy, was not a fan of touching the playdough at first. Here is how we introduced this fun tool. Playdough is recommended for kids older than …

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