learning booklet for St. Patricks Day

Looking for a learning booklet for St. Patrick’s Day to practice those preschool readiness skills? Use this thematic printable binder. All you need is a color printer, some fruit loops, and some gold St. Patrick coins to make this printable a hands-on learning experience. This learning booklet for St. Patrick’s Day has all the skills …

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Before Teaching letters do this Valentine’s Day Pre-reading Activity

Learning letters requires a lot of pre-writing and pre-reading skills to be developed first. Use this Valentine’s Day matching game to work on an important pre-reading and pre-writing skill: Visual Discrimination. Visual discrimination is a crucial skill for toddlers to develop before they begin to write letters. Here’s why: Overall, visual discrimination provides toddlers with …

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Matching Games to add to the Learning Binders

MATCHING GAMES Great add-on to your Learning Binders Needing some support in teaching your child at home through play? Download our matching games and add them to your learning binders!  these are great to take to restaurants, on the plane or a no-mess at home option! 

Toddler Thematic Lesson Plans

Themes Toddler Lesson Plans Needing some support in teaching your (1-4 year old) child at home through play? Download our themed focused lesson plans to teach through fun playful activities.

Good Night Gorilla – Zoo Activities for Toddlers

goodnight gorilla lesson plan

(Updated February 2023) Today we start our new homeschooling journey at home. Although my son is two these weekly activities can be done with toddlers as young as one year old all the way to preschoolers. We are starting our book activity series with a classic book that is recommended as a must-have book! Good …

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Turkey Lesson Plan {November}

This year we have shifted from looking for preschools to doing preschool at home. If you are on the same boat the follow along because we have been having so much fun! After some research I learned that at 3 years old we can start teaching toddlers about letters. I have been aligning the letters …

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Fizzy Playdough Recipe

Make this super fun playdough recipe that will double as a science experiment! We did this recipe for apple week and I green apple scented hair conditioner! it smelled amazing and doing the vinegar mix was so much fun. I used an apple mold to create mini apples and froze them before unfolding them to …

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Alphabet Jelly Stamps (an Activity to practice Letter recognition)

These jelly prints are a great way to help kids when learning to recognize letters. When kids can touch things with their hands, they can make more sense of how things formed. So that’s why when learning letters I love to make sensory activities! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Alexa Torrijos …

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26 Playdough Mats letters to learn the alphabet

Are you looking for a fun, fine motor resource that will allow your students to practice letter, number and shape formation? ABC playdough mats are perfect to practice this skills. Playdough allows to work on fine motor skills and as you pair them with playdough mats to learn the alphabet you are engaging the senses. …

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Letter M: moon activities for toddlers

space theme sensory bin

During our nighttime stroller walks, Manu is always pointing out at the moon. So I decided we should learn more about it. That’s why we are kicking off this new month with week one dedicated to moon activities for toddlers Specially 2.5 to 3 yrs old. Below you will find out weekly lesson plan as …

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