Nature playdough Recipe using Real Flowers

spring playdough

It’s time to welcome spring with a new nature playdough recipe! Here is the easiest spring playdough recipe you can make at home or at school to welcome this new season. For a printable copy of this spring playdough recipe, scroll to the bottom of the post. Supplies: What Flowers to use? For this nature …

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Matching Games to add to the Learning Binders

MATCHING GAMES Great add-on to your Learning Binders Needing some support in teaching your child at home through play? Download our matching games and add them to your learning binders!  these are great to take to restaurants, on the plane or a no-mess at home option! 

Toddler Thematic Lesson Plans

Themes Toddler Lesson Plans Needing some support in teaching your (1-4 year old) child at home through play? Download our themed focused lesson plans to teach through fun playful activities.

fizzy cubes: baking soda ice cubes experiment

This science experiment is a lot of fun! You can do it with toddlers as young as one-year-old that no longer put things in his/her mouth. To do this science experiment you will need baking soda, water, and vinegar. The chemical reaction that these ingredients have when mixed together creates awesome mini-volcano eruptions. Freezing the …

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Make this ocean waves sensory bottle for your summer theme and play for days! Making sensory bottles is one of my favorite sensory activities to do. You make it once and you can save it to play for days!!! This sensory bottle has one that my son plays the most with and today I will …

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Halloween Volcanoes: Toddler Science Experiment

Celebrate the spooky season with this easy science Experiment. Halloween Volcanoes can be done all year long and you probably already have the ingredients at home! To check out how easy it is to make these check the video below. You need baking soda and vinegar. Food color is optional. The variation of this activity …

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Sink or Float: A toddler Science Experiment

Science experiments is a great way to allowing your toddler to discover new things, make connections in the brain and develop new language skills. As part of our at home Curriculum, the month of October is dedicated to science experiments. This week we are working on sink or float. An easy experiment you can repeat …

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Science activity for toddlers: exploring Seeds

This week in nature class we talked all about seeds. Get the free printable, gather the fruit and veggies and come explore with us! The whole point with toddlers is just to teach them how to observe. To wonder about the world around them, and to make comparisons with the information they have. Just listening …

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Chocolate oobleck Recipe (an edible Mud sensory Activity)

chocolate oobleck recipe toddler

Create a taste-safe sensory activity using this Chocolate taste-safe oobleck Recipe ideal for babies and toddlers. I made this oobleck version during my baby sensory class as their first science experiment and it was a hit – so I know it will be a success for you too! I have since repeated it a few …

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