The Thing About Yetis StoryTime With Alexa

looking for a virtual storytime for toddlers or babies? join Alexa as she reads The Thing about Yetis. Learn counting, vocabulary, and language development. Story Time with Alexa The Thing About Yetis Video Join us as we read this book about yetis and the snow. This Story Time for babies and toddlers aims to work …

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Matching Games to add to the Learning Binders

MATCHING GAMES Great add-on to your Learning Binders Needing some support in teaching your child at home through play? Download our matching games and add them to your learning binders!  these are great to take to restaurants, on the plane or a no-mess at home option! 

Toddler Thematic Lesson Plans

Themes Toddler Lesson Plans Needing some support in teaching your (1-4 year old) child at home through play? Download our themed focused lesson plans to teach through fun playful activities.

Good Night Gorilla – Zoo Activities for Toddlers

goodnight gorilla lesson plan

(Updated February 2023) Today we start our new homeschooling journey at home. Although my son is two these weekly activities can be done with toddlers as young as one year old all the way to preschoolers. We are starting our book activity series with a classic book that is recommended as a must-have book! Good …

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Farm Lesson Plan for One Year Old Toddlers

This week was all about farm animal sounds in our sensory class. It was a great week for those also doing the My First School Curriculum at home so I decided to refresh the content and bring you new revised ideas! The farm Lesson plan consists of working on the following: Vocabulary Building Farm animal …

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Ultimate Word list: Words to teach a One Year Old (free checklist)

When I went to the pediatrician for my son’s one-year-old checklist I was surprised by the question the doctor asked me. I was prepared for the doctor to ask me how so many questions but you know what the main question was that I was surprised with? How many words does your one-year-old say?” By …

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Itsy bitsy spider sensory bins for toddlers under 3

Looking for ways to incorporate learning using Itsy bitsy spider? Create a sensory bin to encourage fine motor skills, creativity and imagination. Sensory bins are great to reinforce learning, increase vocabulary and encourage pretend play. I will share two sensory bins we created. The first bin is for those still mouthing everything. We made it …

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50+ best young toddler books To build a love For reading

One of the best gifts we can give to our kids is the gift of books. Books create a love for reading. If there is one thing I don’t mind spending money on is in a good book. With so many choices, what are the best young toddler books anyway? Create the perfect library with …

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Top Nursery Rhymes to aid with language development

What would be the world without music? As a stay at home mom I have to find ways to entertain my little learner. I love music and I love to sing. I probably know a total of 4 baby songs that I remember from my childhood so I had to do lots of research and …

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