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Making slime is one of my favorite recipes to make, but I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy to master it! It always ended up sticky and I would ask myself “why would anyone do this!”

But I finally nailed the ratio for the perfect slime and now you have to get it too!

I’m bringing you my go-to recipe when my kids ask for slime and I don’t have boiling water at hand (because if you do then this is my favorite slime recipe!)

This recipe can be left clear or you can add food coloring to add a translucent color. We love color so on the YouTube Video you can see how we added color.

Color clear slime is great for sensory play using a light table!

For this clear slime without borax recipe you need Sta-Flo Liquid Starch (which is the main ingredient used for making softener). You can find it at any supermarket for about 4 dollars.

You also need clear glue. My favorite brand is Elmer’s Clear Glue (I buy the gallon because you always need glue so it’s cheaper than buying the little bottles) and that’s the brand I used for this recipe.

clear slime without borax

How to make clear slime without borax

To make clear slime without borax the perfect ratio is equal parts clear glue with Sta-Flo.

Another very important part is that you have to kneads it for about 4 minutes. The heat of your hands will activate the ingredients and the kneading will make them blend together nicely for a stretchy mixture without getting sticky!

if your clear slime without borax is still a bit too sticky after the 4 min, (because let’s be honest unless we do it by weight there is a chance I could have more or less of the ingredients than you) so to fix this, just rub some Sta-Flo on your hands and continue to knead.

Don’t have Sat-Flo? You can do a mixture of 2tsp of borax to 1 cup of hot water. And use that instead! But borax is way better activator for slime so you will need less of it!

here’s a quick video of our process! Kneading part is fast up because who wants to see 4min of that!

clear slime without borax YouTube Tutorial

Clear slime recipe video

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