Drop the Ball: DIY Toy to work on eye-hand coordination

DIY toys are the best toys. For this reason, we have been making ourselves quite a few of them and saving our money to buy other stuff…like diapers … or fruits as now they have been solids and we are addicted to making puree food like these 27 homemade baby food puree combinations

It’s time to play! so… let’s get crafty!

An empty box of puffs and a block

Practice eye-hand coordination with this toy. This is one of my son’s favorite toy.

Cut a square on the lid, make it just a little big bigger than the block to make the task of placing it inside a bit easier.

Show your baby the first few times how to do drop the cube into the container and they will quickly catch on. You can use a ball and cut a circle instead of a square. This will allow the game to be easier to start.

When your baby drops the block, he will quickly realize where the block has fallen.

Cause and effect – I drop the cube (cause) the cube shows at the bottom (effect)

So does this look easy to do? that’s because it is! will you try it?

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