Dollar Tree Homeschool Supplies for Toddlers on a Budget

If you’re homeschooling a toddler on a tight budget, the Dollar Tree is about to become your new best friend. You won’t believe the amount of affordable homeschool supplies and learning resources you can score for just a buck each.

Come shop with me on this homeschool haul video to learn about some of my favorite supplies, which I use at home and in my sensory classes, or read below to get my must-have dollar tree homeschool supplies.

Best Dollar Tree Homeschool Supplies for Toddlers

let’s talk about what Dollar Tree homeschool supplies you can find for toddlers

As a mom of two and sensory teacher of toddlers, I know how careless toddlers can be with supplies. This is why finding quality but affordable supplies that encourage creativity and help develop fine motor skills is important without worrying they are “wasting it.”

Must-Have Art and Craft Supplies from Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Homeschool supplies

Toddlers learn best through hands-on activities, so art and craft supplies are essential for any homeschool. The Dollar Tree is my go-to spot for stocking our art cart on a budget.

WASHABLE PAINT, Acrylic Paint, and Foam Brushes for Outdoor Fun

One of my favorite budget-friendly finds has been washable paint and foam brushes. They’re perfect for outdoor art projects, allowing kids to explore their creativity while getting fresh air.

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If you are doing art that is just for the process, use washable paint. If you want the paint to last for a long time, like when painting rocks, then use acrylic paint.

Acrylic paint is water-resistant, so their masterpieces will hold up even if caught in a little rain.

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Soap-Infused Paint for Easy Cleanup

As any parent knows, the only thing better than a fun art activity is easy to clean up. That’s why I was thrilled to discover a tip to make soap-infused paint. This clever mix ensures that art time is both enjoyable and mess-free. Trust me, it’s a game-changer.

When presenting washable paint, you can add a bit of soap (found in the kitchen aisle). This makes your paint extra washable and a lot easier to clean when kids hurt their legs, arms, or bodies!

Hey there, artist on a budget. Let’s talk about a few essential things to remember when you’re on the hunt for affordable art supplies.

  • Acrylic paint and foam brushes are incredibly affordable and perfect for outdoor projects.
  • Mixing paint with soap makes it extra washable and simplifies cleanup.

Essential Tools for Developing Fine Motor Skills

In addition to art supplies, I’ve been focusing on finding affordable tools that support the development of fine motor skills. These practical and engaging tools are perfect additions to any toddler’s back-to-school supply list.

Pipe Cleaners & Pom Poms A MUST-HAVE

Pipe cleaners and pom poms are versatile for toddler crafts and the development of fine motor skills.

We use them for everything from sorting to threading to building 3D creations.

Stickers and Tongs

My kids also go nuts for the huge variety of stickers at the Dollar Tree. They’re great for reward charts, art projects, or creative free play.

Stickers and tongs might seem like an unlikely pair, but they’re actually perfect for enhancing grip strength and precision in young children. Encourage your little ones to use tongs to pick up and place stickers, and watch as their fine motor skills improve with each activity.

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Scissors with a Learning Tab

sensory activity scissor skills

Learning to use scissors is a major milestone for toddlers, and scissors with a learning tab can make the process much easier. These specially designed scissors help teach little ones how to cut safely and effectively, setting them up for success in school and beyond.

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A wide range of fine motor skill tools is available, from grippers to putty. To narrow down your choices, remember to prioritize these essential aspects.

  • Stickers and tongs are excellent for developing grip strength and precision.
  • Scissors with a learning tab help children learn how to cut properly and safely.

Innovative Sensory Play Options on a Budget

Sensory play is crucial for toddlers’ cognitive development, and the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to provide engaging sensory experiences. Here are a few of my favorite affordable sensory play options:

Tupperware as Sensory Bin

Who needs an expensive sensory table when you have Tupperware? These versatile $1.25 containers make excellent DIY sensory bins. Fill them with rice, beans, or water, and add in some measuring cups and spoons for hours of exploratory play.

IThese are about 9inch long. You can get the at the dollar store for $1.25 or shop similar at your local grocery store.

Affordable Trays for Sensory Exploration

Dollar stores are a treasure trove of sensory play materials. Look for affordable trays that you can fill with sand, shaving cream, or finger paint. Your little ones will love getting their hands dirty while engaging their senses.

Magnets and Puzzles from Dollar Stores

Don’t overlook the toy section at your local dollar store. Hidden gems like magnets and puzzles offer both fun and educational benefits. These engaging toys help develop problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.

If you’re considering sensory play activities as dollar tree homeschool supplies, remember:

  • Tupperware can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional sensory tables.
  • Dollar stores offer a wide variety of affordable trays perfect for sensory exploration.
  • Magnets and puzzles from dollar stores can effectively engage children and support cognitive development.

Educational Dollar Tree Homeschool Supplies That Won’t Break the Bank

As a sensory teacher, I know how important it is to have engaging educational supplies that make learning fun. Here are a few of my favorite affordable options that combine learning with play:

Real-Picture Flash Cards

Flash cards are a classic educational tool, and for good reason. They’re incredibly versatile and can be used for everything from vocabulary building to memory games. I particularly love flash cards with real pictures, as they help children make connections between words and the world around them.

Half-Sized Chalk for Better Control

Chalk is a staple in any classroom, but did you know that half-sized chalk can be particularly beneficial for young learners? The smaller size helps improve grip and control, making it easier for little hands to practice writing and drawing.

Books with Clear Concepts from Dollar Stores

Don’t underestimate the power of a good book, even if it comes from the dollar store. Look for books with clear concepts and simple narratives that introduce big ideas in an age-appropriate way. These affordable reading options can greatly impact your child’s learning journey.

When shopping for educational supplies, remember:

  • Flash cards with real pictures match games and enhance cognitive skills.
  • Half-sized chalk can improve grip and control, supporting the development of handwriting skills.
  • Dollar stores often have books with clear concepts and big pictures, perfect for young learners.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Toddler Book Selections

While dollar stores can be a great source for affordable books, it’s important to choose wisely to ensure the books are appropriate for your young reader. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Choosing Age-Appropriate Coloring Books

Coloring books can be a great way to encourage creativity and fine motor skill development, but it’s crucial to choose ones that match your child’s age and skill level. Avoid coloring books with intricate designs or small details, as these can be frustrating for little ones who are still developing their coloring skills.

Coloring should be fun, not frustrating. Young children should choose books with simpler illustrations that allow them to fill in the spaces successfully and feel proud of their work. Too many tiny details can lead to discouragement and a loss of interest in this creative activity.

By remembering these tips and seeking out affordable, engaging supplies, you can set your toddler up for a lifetime of learning and creativity. Happy shopping.

Key Takeaway: 

Snag affordable art supplies and tools for fine motor skills to spark creativity and learning. Use acrylic paint outdoors, mix in soap for easy cleanup, and don’t forget stickers and tongs. Dive into sensory play with DIY Tupperware bins from the dollar store. Flashcards, half-sized chalk, and simple books boost education without busting your budget.


Wow, who knew that affordable toddler supplies for back-to-school could be so fun and educational? We’ve explored everything from budget-friendly art supplies encouraging outdoor play to innovative sensory experiences using everyday items like Tupperware. And let’s not forget the power of a good book—even the dollar store has some gems!

It’s not about having the most extravagant or pricey supplies. Nope, it’s about igniting a passion for learning in your toddler and equipping them with the resources to investigate, innovate, and flourish. The best part? These budget-friendly finds make it possible without causing you any financial headaches.

So, as you gear up for the new school year, remember that the best investment you can make is in your child’s curiosity and imagination. With a little creativity and some savvy shopping, you’ll be amazed at how far a dollar can go in setting your toddler up for success. Happy learning, parents!


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