Easter Egg Hunt for Baby Activity

There is two things about being under one that you will notice.

Firstly, your baby will put everything in their mouth.

Secondly, they love to drop things inside other things.

If your baby is at the stage of putting things inside containers, then this is one of my favorite and ultimate Easter activities to work on their fine motor skills. At the time we created this last year, Easter was around the corner, so it made sense to get a bunch of plastic Easter eggs and give my baby his own easter egg hunt.

Baby style of course! 

Obviously, he wasn’t going to be able to participate in a regular Easter hunt, so we created our own version with the Easter Egg Hunt –Easter baby ideas.

Due to its popularity on our Instagram page and shared quite a few times on Pinterest I think it is time we share it here as well. Especially because it is so easy to do and the babies absolutely love it! Oh! and since it has been one of my favorite activities it also made it into the FUN UNDER 1 book of play activities for babies under 12 months!

Let’s Get Started with the Easter baby ideas Egg Hunt!

Materials Needed:

How to Play | Easter Egg Hunt baby ideas

  • Place all the eggs outside of the container nearby.
  • Place the container in front of your baby and open the lid .
  • Show your baby how you put each egg inside.
  • You may be surprised to see that your baby will want to take over and do it him/herself. They may also want to take the eggs out as well.

Easter baby ideas Tips & Variations

  • Use containers with different lid sizes this will be his/her first introduction to math as they learn that not all toys fit in every container as some are small and others are bigger.
  • Add some rice to some of the eggs or bells to the Easter eggs (secure with tape or glue to ensure it doesn’t open) to work on his critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

If you think this was an easy Easter baby ideas and totally doable at home and want more simple fun ideas like this to do at home, then check out the Fun Under 1 book. You won’t regret it! you will have more than 60 activities, this means, you can do one activity a week before repeating from the moment they are born until their first birthday and then have some more!


Easter baby ideas