Jell-O Monster Eyes {Taste-Safe Halloween Sensory Activity}

Serve this fun spooky edible monster eyes at your Halloween party or use it as a fun sensory activity.

this activity is great for babies because it is edible safe.

You have a one year old that puts everything in their mouth still? Then with this activity you won’t have to worry about that! If your toddler puts it in his mouth then it will have a delicious treat!

Last week I hosted a sensory Mommy & Me activity with babies and toddlers using this edible eyeballs sensory bin idea and I figured it didn’t look that hard to make. I was right, they were easy to make and the kids had a blast playing with these monster eyes.

Since a few of the moms couldn’t make it to the event and request how to make these I’m sharing here the Quick step by step instructions so you can Make them at home and have a spooky dessert or a super fun Halloween themed dessert.

How to make edible monster eyes

What you need:

  • Raisins
  • jell-O (flavor or unflavored)
  • egg carton
  • Plastic Eggs
  • oil

Start by placing the plastic eggs Inside the egg carton. We will use these as the moms for our eyes.

Spray oil in each one. This will allow the monster eye to be release easily from the mold once they are done.

Cook the Jell-O per box instructions but reduce the amount of cold water you use. For this box that requires one cup of hot water and one cup of cold water I used 3/4 of cold water instead.

the less water you use the more “gummy” texture you give to the eyes. So 3/4 of water will allow for the eye to be easily smashed but it will be hard enough for it to be handled by hand.

Place a single raisin on each egg mold. These will be the pupils.

Fill up the egg mold with the Jell-O and place in the refrigerator for at least 4hrs or until it hardens.

Gently, use a spoon to scoop out each monster eye.

Sensory play with monster eyes

For sensory play, just place it on a tray and let your little one enjoy smashing, tasting and playing!

For extra fun, grab a brain mold and make a bigger batch as instructed above.


For a less sticky play experience you can use unflavored jell-o. This has less sugar therefore it will be less sticky.

Red Jell-O will stain the skin but it will be washed a way after a few washes.

I hope you have fun with this Halloween inspired sensory play and dessert