Edible Sensory Play For St Patrick’s Day

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This is a super easy recipe you can do to celebrate St Patrick’s with your one-year-old or baby that still put things in his/her mouth. All you need is one ingredient!

Jello Sensory Bin

Gelatine offers a great sensory play opportunity for your child. It works on the sense of taste and the sense of touch while stimulating their visual sense with some fun St. Patrick’s theme toys.

I always do this activity for my Taste-Safe Sensory Class during St. Patrick’s day and they love it! I have made a version using Jello and a version making it as a sensory bag for those babies yet not ready to eat Jello.

Sensory Teacher Tip!

Jello has sugar, and sugar will make this activity be VERY STICKY! so a little trick U use, is to mix in 2 packages of unflavored Jello to the Jello powder and add 1 more cup of water than directed by the box.

This will make the jello have less sugar, and be a little more manageable (as to how I made the jello cubes) and it will make sure no hands are left stained green.

Variations of Jello Activity

I love to make two batches, one yellow and one green. The combination of colors just gives a better effect to the tray but it is not necessarily. You can add this by adding gold sugar glitter or St Patrick’s Day Decorations.

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