24 week by week lesson plan full of sensory activities to learn pre-k readiness concepts.   This curriculum uses supplies and materials in your home to create learning activities, games, and art projects for 2 year old toddlers.

24 Lessons to Make Learning Fun!

Follow this easy weekly thematic guide with two lesson plans per month that you can use to teach Pre0K readiness concepts. 

This curriculum is the  perfect starting point to give them a head start when entering Pre-K.

  • 24 Weekly Lessons 
  • A full year of activities
  • Sensory focused activities to explore the senses
  • Activities to learn Color, Counting, opposites, and more… 
  • Themed activities for easier recollection and maximum engagement
  • Two Year Old Milestone Guide
  • Assessment Sheet to track learning progress

Less Prep, More Play Time

Where can this curriculum be used?

This curriculum is designed to be used at home in a homeschool setting but can be adapted to be used at daycare classrooms. 


Simplified Assessment

Two Year Old Learning Assessment Sheet Tracker included to help you easily track progress, record notes, and create a learning keepsake.  

Hands on experience

Children learn by doing and stay engaged. The curriculum is full of sensory activities to try at home. 

A complete list of 2 year old skills and milestones included to track growth and development.


All the activities in our workbook are FUN. Every activity has been tried, tested and approved.

Bond and play with your little one with these fun and easy to set up activities! 

Why Purchase this CURRICULUM

Learning is best done through play!

When you want to teach at home and you don’t know what to teach or what activities to do, this is your answer.

I use this activities during my sensory classes  and every activity has been carefully designed and selected to help work on important Two Year Old Milestone Skills.


You won’t find another resource like this – for this level – specifically aimed for two year-olds.


because I looked everywhere, I purchased everything everyone had to offer... and a curriculum like this doesn't exist.. So I made it.


Add the workbook and get the bonus flashcards! The interactive busy book workbook is full of learning sheets you can use at home just 15 minutes a day.
No prep, no mess! Everything you need to teach your Two Year Old at Home Love 2 Learn Curriculum ($47 value) Two Year Old Workbook ($24 value) ABC Flash Cards ($5 value)