For those who want daily activities to work on language development and reach milestone this weekly activity guide is perfect!

Includes  sensory activities, gross motor, fine motor skill, and art activities to learn through play!

This curriculum is aimed for one-year-olds to practice pre-K readiness concepts through fun games and activities to play at home. 

Play with intention, through these fun games as you practice the following learning concepts and help your little one reach his one-year-old developmental milestones. Inside the curriculum you will find

  • 12 learning Units 
  • Over 30 weekly lesson plans
  • Activities to learn Color, Counting, and letter sounds 
  • Themed activities for easier recollection and maximum engagement
  • 6 weeks of holiday activities
  • One Year Old Milestone Guide
  • Assesement and tracking Progress Sheet

37 Worksheets to Make Learning Fun!


To help develop language and literacy skills the curriculum has hands-on activities to work the following developmental areas:

This is everything to gain vocabulary, learn to talk and everything related to speech development

One year olds should be saying about 20 words by the end their first birthday but before your toddler can speak he/she needs to learn and master sounds. We will be working a lot with songs, rhymes and animal songs to learn and master these. 

There is a lot of vocabulary that needs to be learned and we will use fun games to learn body parts, common item names, fruits and more…

This area works  on everything that has to do with critical thinking, cause and effect  such as sorting, counting and problems solving. 

The workbook has matching  activities, memory skills, counting and matching to work on these skills in a fun way. 

Fine Motor Skills is Everything that is eye-hand coordination, pre-writing skills and small hand and finger movements

Getting your little one ready to write is an important task at this age. Hand movement, grasping, eye-hand coordination and hand muscle strength will be worked on using the activities on this workbook.

This are all the large body movements of the body, walking, jumping, hoping, dancing.

Every week find fun games to tes practice balance through music and active activities


I purchased many curriculum and programs online that claimed to teach subjects to toddlers only to work through the lessons and realize the subjects and level of activities where too advanced for a one-year-old. 

With a lot of money wasted and frustration I took it upon myself to ask, research and test the concepts that one-year-olds can grasp, learn and master. I asked  pre-school directors, teachers, speech pathologist and other parents what would be the ideal subjects to teach my son and get him ready for those pre-k subjects he will need when entering pre-k. 

I tested every idea and the result was the One-Year-Old Workbook and the MY FIRST SCHOOL Curriculum. This has been tested and approved by many other parents.


All the activities in our workbook are FUN. Every activity has been tried, tested and approved.

Bond and play with your little one with these fun and easy to set up activities! 

Why Purchase this CURRICULUM

Learning is best done through play!

When you want to teach at home and you don’t know what to teach or what activities to do, this is your answer.

I use this activities during my sensory classes  and every activity has been carefully designed and selected to help work on important One Year Old Milestone Skills.


You won’t find another resource like this – for this level – specifically aimed for one year-olds.


because I looked everywhere, I purchased everything everyone had to offer... and a curriculum like this doesn't exist.. So I made it.

Not Sure if this is for you? Get a sample!

We are so confident you will enjoy the activities here are 5 activities for you to have fun this week.

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