The best fall crafts for 2 year olds to do this year

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I absolutely love to do crafts, but when you are dealing with a young toddler it is hard to grab their attention long enough to do a craft. Here are fall crafts for 2 year olds that I have done with my little learners that you can do too!

Your little learners still has a lot to learn about the world around. Help him/her observe the changes that occur when entering the Fall seasons. He will be learning about the predictable rhythms of time. Because the most concrete signs of the seasons are changes in nature, like leaves falling or apple harvesting we will create crafts around those changes.

fall crafts for 2 year olds

fall crafts for 2 year olds

Fall leaves collage

Age: 24-36 months
fall crafts for 2 year olds

If you live in an area where the leaves change in color you can do this crafts with real leaves. Unfortunately we live in Florida and the closest thing to fall leaves we have are these fake ones form the dollar store.

This fall crafts for 2 year olds works on fine motor skills and exploring different art materials like using glue.

Provide tour toddler with a brown construction paper, then provide the glue either by placing some white glue into a cup and giving your toddler a paintbrush or giving them a squish bottle they can spread the glue around.

fall crafts for 2 year olds using faux leaves

Once the glue is spread around provide the leaves your toddler can stick all over the page.

As an option, you can cut out letters that spell “FALL” or “HARVEST” to glue over it.

Fall sensory bottle

I love sensory bottles and this one is no different. I think out of all my sensory bottles this is my favorite.

Fall wreath

This has been our proudest craft this year. I had purchased a bag of orange and green Styrofoam balls and fall leaves for a sensory bin and when I saw a tutorial to do a leaf crown with a paper plate, I thought a wreath could be fun too! So we got to it and honestly it came out a lot better than I thought. It loved it so much I placed it in the entrance of our house.

The next few crafts are all about apples! Somehow when I think fall I think of apples and I get super excited to make a few of them.

Apple Paper Plate Craft

Apple paper plate craft

If there is a way to freeze time and capture memories and how little our little ones are I think this is a great way. Capture their little hand using this apple craft. Besides, they absolutely enjoy painting the paper plate with the bubble wrap.

Apple sun catcher CRAFT

Creating a sun catcher is a lot of fin and the kids really love it. To make this craft all you need is a contact paper, tissue or cellophane paper and construction paper.

Cut out an apple shape using construction paper, then cut out a square of contact paper the size of the apple and stick to the apple sticky side up.

Provide your toddler with pieces of cellophane paper or tissue paper and model how to tape them onto the apple. If your toddler is 2 and ready for some scissor skills you can cut long strips of paper and have your toddler cut them into smaller pieces to place them over the apple.

Red watercolor painting

We painted with ice! this fall crafts for toddlers is also a favorite during the summer months! Just a few drops of food coloring into an ice tray (ours were apple shapes ice cubes) add some water and stand it with Popsicle sticks. Let them freeze overnight.

Using water color paper, paint over them to create an abstract design. (I had also created a few hand drawn apples we were coloring and explore with adding some blue to larger ice cube trays)

After the painting is done and dried, use the Apple sheet from the learn colors coloring books printable and cut out the center.

Place the coloring page over the watercolor art to create a colored red apple.

Apple stamping CRAFT

fall crafts for toddlers
fall crafts for toddlers using apples and red paint

Apple stamping is one of my favorite fall activities for one and two year olds. Cut the apple in half crosswise. Dry off the inside with a paper towel.

Pour a small amount of red, green and yellow paint into a paper plate.

Show your toddler how to grasp the Apple to Dip u to the paint. Have him/her press the painted Apple on the paper to create a print. The effect will look like a star.

Let the paint dry and repeat the same process with green paint.

fall crafts for toddlers

Let it dry and using yellow paint and repeat the process using a cookie cutter instead of the Apple to create a an Apple collage print.

Final Thoughts

Arts and craft is a great opportunity to allow them to connect with nature and explore new materials as they get ready to enter kindergarten.

Fall and he harvest time is a great opportunity to do crafts with the kids, but most important it is an opportunity to talk about the changes in their surroundings. The colder air, the falling leaves, the squirrels collecting nuts as they all get ready for winter.

Want more fall crafts for toddlers ideas? Check out this apple scented playdough recipe, or these fall sensory bin ideas to work on fine motors, or even this pumpkin playdough recipe!

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