How to make an Easy Fall Leaves Wreath Craft for Kids

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I think my favorite season is fall! The fall crafts, the cinnamon-scented everything and can’t forget the pumpkins! It all just makes me so happy! This fall leaves wreath craft is perfect to start the fall season.

Make this easy fall wreath craft for kids of any age! My son, two years old, was able to do it and my friend’s daughter, who is 9.

To make a fall leaves wreath craft you will need:

  • A paper plate (maybe 2)
  • Faux fall leaves
  • decorative foam pumpkins
  • decorative styrofoam glitter balls

All of these materials is as able to find at my local Dollar Store.

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Tips and Tricks to make a Fall leaves wreath craft

Creating crafts with little ones is tough; their attention span is very minimal, so here are a few tips I used when making the craft with my son.

Have Everything ready

Precut the paper plate, have the glue, leaves, and styrofoam pumpkins ready and in toa try. When all is easy invite your toddler to come play.

Protect the area

To prevent glue for getting all over the table, cover the table with either a tablecover or construction paper.

I chose brown construction paper in case the wreath got stuck in it I could use it as a backing for support and just cut around it.

Prepare the base

To prepare the wreath base cut out the center of the circle from the plate.

Fold the plate in half and make a slit big enough the for the scissors ✂️

Cut around the circle base of the plate. It doesn’t have to be perfect; as it will be covered by the leaves. 🍁

Glue the leaves 🍁

Place glue all around the plate and start adding leaves.

Some leaves should overlap to create a fuller effect. If you have different leaf colors try to mix the colors around the leaf.

Add in the decorated pumpkins and styrofoam balls to complete the look of your wreath. (My toddler was too attracted to the balls, so he wanted to add those first)

Keep adding elements until you achieve to look you want.

Allow for it to dry before lifting it off the table.

Fall leaves wreath craft
Fall leaves wreath craft

Add the hanging pipe cleaner

I realized we needed to hang the wreath! Using a pipe cleaner I used hot glue to add it to the back. Then I layered another paper plate ring to cover the pipe cleaner and to give the wreath extra support! I glued the plates together with a hot glue gun because I wasn’t patient enough for regular school glue to dry off.

Hang it proudly!

When the wreath is completed you can hang it over the door to welcome your guests!

Honestly, very impressed with this craft. It looks amazing! Especially for it being made by a 2.5-year-old!

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