Farm Lesson Plan for One Year Old Toddlers

This week was all about farm animal sounds in our sensory class. It was a great week for those also doing the My First School Curriculum at home so I decided to refresh the content and bring you new revised ideas!

The farm Lesson plan consists of working on the following:

  • Animal Sounds
  • Sensory Activity
  • Gross Motor skill focus
  • Fine Motor skill activity
  • Book recomendations
  • Songs recomendations
  • Langauge Development

Vocabulary Building

Farm animal sounds are sounds that will allow your child to develop those first mouth movements accompany by the positioning of the tongue and working to get the sounds out.

A child might start with saying just MMM instead of MOO for a cow sound. That’s ok! baby steps! continue to work in the sounds of these animals with songs, books, and activities created for this week.

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Feed the Cow

This is one of my favorite activities for toddlers of all ages! Toddlers can use all types of materials to work on eye-hand coordination and work on their wrist movements.