Fill and dump fine motor skill activity {To work on cause and effect}

You will be surprised to see how much young children like to fill and dump containers.

Age Group: 8 months -  35months

Use small containers, large containers, Tupperware or coffee cans.

Use small toys, such as blocks, balls, or collectible toys. Be sure the items do not pose a choking hazard.

Step 1: Setup

Seat your little learner on a blanket or rug.

Step 2: Demonstrate

Give him the containers and the toys. Demonstrate the game by putting a few toys into the container and then dumping them out.

Step 3: Independent Play

Give your little learner the containers and let him fill and dump on his own.

Baby will start dumping and filling the container back up again. Over and over.

it is a lot of fun and so easy to set up!

Is that simple, you can use any container with any objects that call his/her attention and you are set to go!

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