First birthday {play on words} Party Theme Ideas

The first birthday IS A BIG DEAL!

Our little one is growing up. The first birthday is not only a party; it is a celebration of a life change. It is time to see how much they´ve changed, and also you. So, I´ve been doing a lot of research, taking inspiration from different styles to give you a full list of the best birthday party ideas.

Are you ready?

First birthday PARTY THEME IDEAS


This idea comes from a mom who is a huge fan of donuts. It also comes from her love of sweets. Her baby is a sweet one! DONUT grow up too fast.

This theme is perfect because it allows you to go wild with sweet and delicious things, all inspired by donuts. A dessert table full of donut holes with icing and sprinkles! Donut holes in mason jars, a tray with macrons, and delicious donuts (of course), oh and can’t forget the sugar cookies.

Go, take a look and get inspired.


Let´s all dress up! This is a very: little- gentleman style. An excellent excuse to wear bowties and make cool and delicious ideas like cookies with mustache shape. In this post, you´ll find a very classic combination of colors: black and white with a golden touch, but you can change it for silver, which is also a very fancy color to use.

You can dress your little one with a bow and a hat to look the part. He´ll look adorable!


There is nothing more beautiful as a garden full of flowers: a little touch of magic and color, with the kind smell of flowers. This is one of my favorite ideas because all tastes can be reunited in one party: is a little girl’s birthday but also you – as a mom – can feel connected and inspired. You can put a delicious dessert table with all kinds of sweets: cupcakes, donuts, and chocolate bonbons.

A thing that I find very sweet and beautiful is: you can add the birthday girl’s name spelled out in wooden letters surrounded by flowers and a big cake full of flowers.


King of all wild things is a sentence I would use to describe my toddler’s spirit! This theme is all about fantasy, wood, and a touch of sparkle. The theme uses a three tier cake, with a crown on top, totems made of donuts, a lot of trees, wood stuff, and some balloons to make that magic happen. You can add a beautiful dessert table with all these elements and also a bunch of chairs and tables around for family and guests.


I like to take inspiration from everything: a card, a photo, a song, a movie, a toy. Everything can be used as a reference to create a theme party. For example, I found a watermelon invitation that would go perfectly with this theme. Watermelon colors can be soft and pastel, or you can make the bring and bold. Focus on creating a party in pinks and greens with a sweet tone for kids and guests.

Also, you can add some flowers, like the garden party we talked earlier in this post. Take a look and let the imagination fly.


Simple but effective. Camping is all what kids love the most: been outside the house, run and play around, and also: delicious and fun food. It´s an idea a highly recommend if you have a backyard in your house. You can have a very intimate party with friends and family, but full of details that everyone will remember. For the food, a camping theme allows you to keep things simple: hot dogs, chips, big fruit, and veggie display, and cupcakes. Graham cracker crust, chocolate cake, marshmallow frosting!

dinosaurs PARTY

This is a theme that I particularly enjoy because I love dinosaurs! You´ll find very cool and beautiful ideas you can add to the party to make it fun and also be something for a little girl who enjoys nature and likes dinosaurs. You can put a table with fruits like watermelon and cookies with the shape of different types of dinosaurs. Also, you can add a beautiful leaf wall.


Bees are so cute. And as I said before: you can get inspiration from everything. Literally! So, this idea is a combination of honey, bees, and flowers you´ll love. Take a look and take some notes too. You can add a floral table with beehive sandwiches, honeycomb things + sugar cookies, Hanging Floral Hoops (my favorite thing from this theme), and Custom Flower Letter Sign with the name of your little girl.


If you are going to celebrate your toddler´s party in winter or, if he or she really likes winter, this idea might be the one for you. Silver is the right color to bring life and beauty to this celebration, also is very easy color to match: you can add purple napkins and plates, or purple cupcakes or even the a purple cake with some a touch in silver. Is your toddler´s choice!


I know I gave you a donut idea before. But, this theme is so cool I wanted to share it with you. A DONUT WALL! Why? Because donuts go with everything! just change the color of the icing, and you can fit them with any theme.

It is very easy to make, you can check the instructions over here:

This is a brunch party for family and friends, with donuts, sweets and brunch menu. A very easy and colorful decoration for your toddler, you can do yourself.


This invitation has a few things you can take and develop as an idea for a birthday party: a rocket, planets, and the sun. You can put an astronaut’s costume on the birthday boy o little girl. Add a rocket cake, with multiple planet cupcakes.

And that´s it.


This is very simple idea. You can take this invitation as reference to create a golf theme party in your back yard. Get a mini golf set in the backyard and add snacks and delicious club food like: small sandwiches and cookies.


This is one of my favorite cake ideas! A sweet peach cake with flowers. Very romantic and beautiful. You can split this too items: fruits and flowers to develope the decoration. A flower wall and little cups with fruits as dessert. You can add a ballon wall too or the name of your baby girl made in wood.


  • Lady Bug Theme
  • Inflatable pool and sensory spaghetti pool
  • Splashing into one: a zoom party with family and friends
  • Jungle theme
  • Having a Ball theme party

I hope this list gave you some inspiration as you plan your little one’s first birthday! You can do it as simple or as elaborate as you wish! I’m sure what you will have lots is LOVE LAUGHTER AND BABY GIGGLES! Congratulations, because you will officially have a toddler!

The first birthday is a big deal! for you and for your baby! CELEBRATE! And when you are ready to come back and get activity ideas and learning resources I’ll be here to support that journey!

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