Fizzy Playdough Recipe

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Make this super fun playdough recipe that will double as a science experiment!

We did this recipe for apple week and I green apple scented hair conditioner! it smelled amazing and doing the vinegar mix was so much fun.

I used an apple mold to create mini apples and froze them before unfolding them to maintain their shape. Then we activated them with the vinegar.

We are on day two of playing with this recipe and I cant wait to make it doe the kids in class this week.

The tool of choice is a dropper to work on hand and finger muscles.

for the 18mont to two year old toddlers I am making the dough white and coloring the vinegar in two primary colors.

For our three year olds I am making the dough green and using letter shape molds to play with letters; especially the letter A for APPLE.

To make the letters, mold the dough into a letter mold and freeze for a few minutes.

Then unmold and repeat with other shape molds.

How to make Fizzy Playdough Recipe

Learning from making the Dough

The more baking soda the recipe has the more it will activate but the less it will mold like dough. This is why the ultimate recipe has just 1/4 cup.

This can become a very messy activity! Use a deep tray to hold on all the vinegar.