Free Checklist: Milestones at One Year Old

If you are looking for a checklist of Milestones at One Year Old, this milestone checklist will guide you to understand where your child is at and what to continue to work on to help them develop and stay on track.

Download the Milestones at One-Year-Old checklist or follow along below to track your child’s progress.

What Can you expect from Milestones at One Year Old?

It is important to look at your child’s overall tendencies and behavior to track development.
Be sure to adjust these Milestones at One Year Old for prematurity. Missing one or two abilities should not cause alarm, as every child develops differently. However, if they are missing multiple abilities, be sure to talk with your healthcare provider

The checklist is divided in 3 sections to make it easier to follow.

  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Language Development
Milestones at One Year Old

Gross Motor Skills for One Year Old

  • Helps to get dress and undress
  • Is able to locate objects you are pointing to
  • Enjoys being swung and gently thrown in the air
  • Maintains balance in sitting or standing while using two hands together to explore toys
  • Is able to turn head to look at objects without losing balance while standing
  • Throws a small ball or kicks a ball forward
  • Can maintain balance to catch the ball
  • Climbs on furniture to get what he wants

Fine Motor Skills For One Year Old

  • Is able to use fingertips to pick up small objects, such as small pieces of food q Enjoys playing with a variety of toys and textures
  • Blinks his eyes, points to body parts
  • Fills and empties containers
  • Find hidden objects easily
  • Turns page of cardboard book
  • Can build two to three cube towers
  • Releases small item into a small bottle
  • Scribbles spontaneously on paper – pretends to draw
  • Enjoys creating noise and action, like banging on a drum or splashing water q Enjoys cause and effect toys
  • Pounds, pulls, and squeezes playdough or clay
  • Tears strips of newspaper
  • Puts simple 2 piece puzzles together

Language Development

  • Likes nursery rhymes and silly songs
  • Uses exclamations such as “oh-oh!”
  • Tries to imitate words
  • Points and names objects in a book

How many words should a 1 year old say?

By the time your baby is 12 months old (one year old) he or she probably can say between one to three words. Before their 2nd birthday, they usually will say about 50 words. Use the Word List Checklist to guide you through the first 50 words to teach your child.

Free Milestones at One Year Old Checklist