Galaxy Playdough Recipe (no cook)

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A galaxy Playdough recipe that is out of this world’

This week our lesson plan is the moon with some space elements, so of course I needed to make some galaxy Playdough.

To make Galaxy Playdough you need to create at least two colors and add different color glitters.

For our galaxy Playdough recipe we only did two colors with 3 different color glitters, but I have seen variations with up to 4 colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors to create your own.

galaxy playdough

How to make Galaxy Playdough

Are you a visual learner? Here are the step by step photos to walk you through the recipe.

step 1: mix ingredients

We are going to be making two different color playdough, so I have divided the batch in two.

Step 2: Prepare the colored water

Our galaxy playdough will have black and purple colors, like the galaxy image we used as a reference.

galaxy playdough

We will divide the water in two cups and add black food coloring into one and purple on the other.

You can use tempera paint if you do not have food coloring. I started with tempera paint but the color was so soft and I didn’t want to add too much paint, so I ended up just adding a few drops of food coloring instead and got rich colors.

I wish the purple was a deeper one but we will use what we got!

Step 3: Knead and add glitter

Knead the glitter like you would do any other play-dough. If its turning out too sticky add a but more flour or if its cracking then it’s too dry – then add some water.

Add in the glitter and knead until all is blended. I feel the glitter gets absorbed and lost in the dough so don’t be afraid to add lots and lots of glitter.

For the black dough, I added navy blue and black glitter.

Flor the purple dough, I added purple and silver glitter.

Step 4: Mix both colors

To create the swirly effect of the galaxy playdough, we need to mix in our both color dough. Do not blend to much as the swirls will get lost and then the playdough turns into a black-purple dough instead.

Step 5: Ready to play!

Once the swirl effect has been created, you are ready to play with your galaxy dough.

You can create other batches and make your own galaxy color combinations. Some people add blue or turquois to their mix. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun!

We are using our galaxy dough for this week activity where we will talk about “M IS FOR THE MOON”

Space Activities to use Galaxy Playdough

Galaxy playdough is a great material to use when learning about the space. You can get so creative in presenting the activities as well as the kids have so much fun using their imagination as they learn.

Make a Playdough Space Kit

use playdough Mats

Learning can be so much fun using Playdough mats. We created some moon themed Playdough mats to practice the letter M along with our galaxy playdough. We will do a full week of THE MOON activities.

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