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This week is moon theme and what else could be more fun that a sensory bottle to go along with it.

Sensory bottles are so much fun! And this week we are making a glitter galaxy sensory bottle. To make a glitter sensory bottle you will need:

  • A plastic bottle
  • Blue food coloring
  • Silver glitter
  • Purple glitter
  • Small bead stars
  • Clear Glue

Why Make a Sensory bottle? Why are Sensory Bottles Important?

Sensory bottles main benefit is the direct connection to sensory play. Sensory play is a hands on way to expose children to the world around them and allow their brains to make important connection. Sensory bottles are used as an emotional regulator in toddlers, it is a great tool for tummy time activities for babies and it is use for language development in all children. Sensory bottles simply are a great sensory tool to make and enjoy.

Step by step guide video to make a Galaxy Sensory Bottle

Are you a visual person? then this guide will give you confidence when making your galaxy sensory bottle

Step 1: Add in the food color to the water

Step 2: Add in the glitter and confetti

I love making a mix of two glitter colors or confetti, this gives it a visual appeal and makes it more interesting to look. For this bottle I used silver confetti, and blue and pink glitter.

Step 3: Add in the glue

Clear clue is the magic ingredient that will make the glitter fall slow. The more glue, the slower your add-ons will fall.

glitter space theme sensory bottle

Step 4: Add in the bead stars

The visual element in the galaxy sensory bottle will be the stars, after all that what we have in the galaxy! these will fall a lot faster than the glitter and confetti because they are heavier than the glitter.

galaxy sensory bottle

Final Thoughts!

Creating a galaxy sensory bottle with glitter is a lot of fun! Although you can use soap instead of the glue, that tends to create a foam at the top that some people don’t like to see when shaking the bottle.

We loved how ours came out and even used it as an introduction element to our letter M lesson plan for THE MOON.

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