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For the longest time Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays! My house was always the most decorated, scary but fun looking house in the whole neighborhood. Creepy cute things is my jam!

glitter sensory bottle for Halloween using purple glitter

This year we celebrate Halloween with a cute but spooky glitter sensory bottle, and because on the learning side, we are focusing on spiders 🕷 it had to be a spooky spider one!

This concept was also used to to make our Itsy Bitsy Spider sensory bottle and both bottles have been a win in the house!

So without further ado let me share with you how I made this alone moving spider using a VOSS plastic bottle.

How to make a glitter sensory bottle

Follow this easy to print guide or the step by step photo instructions below along with some tips and tricks I discovered along the way.

glitter sensory bottles ingredients

  • 1 VOSS Plastic bottle (or similar)
  • 2 tsp of purple fine grain glitter
  • 1 tsp of black confetti
  • 1/4 cups clear glue or clear soap (hand or Dish soap works well)
  • 1 plastic spider
  • Optional: Super Glue
glitter sensory bottle
Halloween sensory bottle using purple glitter

Photo Step by step instructions

Sometimes is easier if someone breaks down the steps of a recipe. I tried to take as many photos as I could while making this recipe and will share with you not just the steps but what I learned making it in the fort that you know exactly how to troubleshoot your bottle when making it.

Because glitters have different weights some will fall faster or slower than what I share on my recipe. Don’t panic, it doesn’t mean you have to get the exact brand and type of glitter I got. I’m going to show you how you can make the perfect bottle no matter what glitter or confetti you use.

Let’s get started!

Empty the bottle

I always start by emptying the bottle completely. I do this because I like to warm the water and I don’t want to damage the plastic with the heat.

Heat up the water for about 1 minute in the microwave.

Add in your spider

While the water is getting warm up, place your spider inside the bottle. Mine was bigger than the mouth of the bottle so I had to force his tiny legs in. Luckily this was from a pack at the dollar store I got for our spider week activities and the legs bend easily to fit in.

When the water is done heating, throw away about 1/4 of the water out.

Add the water back into the plastic water bottle and fill the remaining space with clear glue. Leave some space on the top so the bottle has some wait and can easily move the water inside.

Close the bottle and shake well for the glue to dissolve with the water. I do warm water because when you do slime all recipes ask you to dissolve glue with warm water so chemically both ingredients blend well. I like for the bottle to do the same.

Add in the Glitter

Now that it is all blended in it is time to place the glitter and confetti. Because it is Halloween our chosen color glitter is purple with some black confetti.

add half a pack: glitter sensory bottle

Because our confetti is thicker than the glitter we expect it to fall a little slower than the glitter. I like to add both glitter and confetti because the different movements along with the slow moving spider will create a nice calming effect.

Do you need both glitter and confetti to make a Halloween sensory bottle? No you don’t but it is a nice to have.

Time to tEst

Our bottle is done! Close it up and test it to see if you like the speed of everything falling down.

Glitter falling too fast? Dump put some of the water mix from the bottle and add some glue.

Glitter falling too slow? It means there is too much glue or soap. Dump out some of the water mix from the bottle and add some water to thin out the mix.

Can’t see the spider? It probably has too much glitter and confetti. This happened to m (see picture above). Dump out some water mix and add more water and clear glue to the bottle.

Last thoughts

Making the perfect sensory bottle takes time to practice, but one thing I learned is that the perfect bottle is different for everyone. some people like it when the glitter falls super fast while others like the glitter to fall slow.

The most important question is: How do you like it?

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