Gross Motor Activities for 1-2 year olds (because boy… Do they have energy!)

Playing outside is so important for a child’s development. We spend most of our afternoons outside in front of our house. I pull up my beach chair and open up the garage while my son explores the outdoors as we wait for dad to come home.

if you are looking for some gross motor activities to do with your child, here are some ways we play outdoors.


Play soccer

I say play soccer but what I mean is to practice kicking a ball. You wouldn’t think this skill is a tough one to master but it can be hard to learn it. Most kids tend to grab and throw and coordinating kicking a ball could be a challenge.

Teach your toddler how to kick a ball.

Play basketball with a mini hoop

Either indoor or outdoor this boy was born playing basketball. Seems that most toddlers do enjoy throwing things around so why not a basketball.

Practice baseball

Now that his brother is part of a baseball Team Manny wants to be just like him so we had to buy a few supplies and now we have it as a regular activity in our afternoons.
we got a T-Ball and he practices putting the ball on the post and hitting it.

Lots of water play

We live in Florida so it is always hot. I either full up a bucket of water or the water table. We love to do water sensory play.

I push him on his bike (that he can’t pedal yet)

I take him on rides in the wagon that’s attached to my bike.

Go to the park

our neighborhood has a small park where we play in the swings or slide down the slide. It keeps him moving and tired him up.

Get messy!

Either by playing with paint outside or by playing with dirt and leaves

Practice Balance

We practice walking with one foot in front of the other or creating paths to follow. This can be done indoor or outdoor.

Play with push toys

He has one of those play cars from little tykes he gets in and drives around and loves to push around, add toys inside or event pretend he is driving.

Go to a local Indoor Playgrounds

Sometimes is too hot to play outside, so we get in the car and drive to one of our local indoor playgrounds to play in the bounce houses or ball pits

Let loose in the grass

Sometimes all toddlers need is the freedom to run, jump and be silly. Take off their shoes and let them run in the grass.

What will you do next ?

Want more? Check these outdoor activities I have been doing with my toddler since he was one year old.