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The Ultimate Guide to Art & Sensory Supplies

Get our recommended list of must-have art and sensory supplies so you always have on hand what you need when setting up an activity!

    Wondering what art & Sensory supplies to have on hand?

    Download this easy-to-read quick guide and get my list of must-have supplies for any art or sensory activity.

    One of the most common comments I get when sharing an activity is that parents or caregivers is “I  do not have the supplies needed to set up the play activity.”

    With money saving options from the Dollar store, to quick links to get them on Amazon so they arrive to your doorstep, this is one guide you are going to want to download!

    After hosting over 1000 sensory classes targeting different age groups I started to realize I needed the same supplies over and over. Especially when it comes to the tools to work on fine motor activities. 

    So I created a quick-guide to save you time and money so that you can do any activity you see online and you have the most important fine motor supplies to help your child succeed.


    Who’s Behind Kid Activities With Alexa…

    Alexa is a Sensory Teacher and Play Coach. Certified in Montessori Nature and learning through play coach.

    She helps parents teach their children through play-based activities and achieve milestones before entering school.

    Featured in PBS Kids and other local media outlets, her unique teaching style and learning programs have captivated parents worldwide.

    Through her successful play programs and HWG methodology, she now hopes to educate parents near and far on how children learn best – through play.

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