How to make Frozen Halloween Shaving Cream Sensory Bin

Halloween time is so much fun to create sensory bins! You can get messy, place spooky spiders and get super creative with them. Make a Halloween shaving cream sensory bin

Shaving cream doesn’t freeze like ice. It gets cold but soft, making a really cool texture to play with.

Since we are all about getting messy and exploring different textures, I had to try this sensory play

Recreate this simple Frozen Halloween shaving cream Sensory Bin and have some fun!

Halloween shaving cream Supplies:

  • 2 small bins
  • shaving cream
  • Food coloring in orange and green
  • play spiders
  • Play Caldron
  • Monster eyeballs
  • Hand soap
  • Water
Frozen Shaving Cream

How to make frozen shaving Cream

To make this frozen shaving cream, All you need is to spread some shaving cream into a bin, add a few drops of food coloring and mix it around with a popsicle stick or straw. Add in your embellishments and set in the fridge.

About our experience

I decided to set up the small bins for this activity. Since I had to fill out the whole container with shaving cream, I didn’t want to use a full bottle.

Spread it around and then added a few drops of food coloring, and using a popsicle stick, I spread the color around

Halloween shaving cream
Halloween shaving cream

I prepared this overnight and had it ready for playtime the next day. When it was playtime, I filled up the second bin with water and a little bit of hand soap.

I presented the bin and just waited to see how he would interact. Some of the spiders where half-sunken into the shaving cream, which means he had to dig deep and get messy when taking them out

To my surprise, the shaving cream was not rock hard, neither was it super cold that it would hurt to play with it.

The texture was very airy. It was cold but just a little allowing us to hold the shaving cream for a long time without hurting our hands.

He had a love and hate relationship with the feeling of this textured. He liked it but immediately asked me to wash his hands off.

Because I didn’t want the activity to be over, I showed him of water so he could independently get clean.

Knowing that he could get clean independently, he felt more comfortable playing with the shaving cream.

He enjoyed grabbing handfuls of shaving cream and seeing it dissolve in the water.

He loves every activity involving water, so he had a blast hiding the spiders in the murky water, seeing how Dee he could get in it and loved placing the monsters’ eyes in and out of the water.

In the end, it just ended up like one messy shaving cream soup! The total time was about 25 minutes, which in toddler years it is like a lifetime. 🤣

Last Thoughts

This activity was fun and definitely worth it to try. I think we had the bin of water next to it helped the activity be extended further.

Use a small bin to avoid using the full bottle of shaving cream and use colors that, when mixed, make prettier colors than what I used.

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