How to display sports medals in your kid’s room

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As a basketball travel mom, I love that my son gets a medal at almost every tournament he participates in. Receiving a medal is a big accomplishment for him and we are very proud of how far he has come and how much better he has gotten.

We have had a tournament almost every weekend since he was in 3rd grade so you can imagine how many medals we have! The challenge is that we didn’t know where to store these. We had them hidden in a box for a while, hung behind the door, and even placed neatly at a table. We needed to find a better more permanent solution where we could display them and he can look at them as a source of inspiration to continue to push and practice to become a better player.

Recently, I decided to redecorate his room. We have been in this house for over a year and it is time I go room by room and make it pretty. I stared with the playroom as it was the first room you see when you come in the house.

This week’s turn was my oldest son room and with that I asked him what he wanted. He said a basketball theme where he could display sports medals, trophies, signed basketball cards, memorabilia collected and basketball shoes for all to see. Basically, he wanted to live in the hall of fame.

Of I went and purchased it all! The room came out amazing and he is so proud of it. You can see a quick room tour he did on his Instagram account (so cute! he was so proud)

How to display sports medals and save money

how to display sports medals in a boys room.

My favorite section was the medal display. It was simple and so easy to make.

I purchased a small curtain rod at

available online at

I asked hubby to attach it to the wall. These type of rod was very simple to install. It comes with all the hardware needed, we just needed to make sure it was straight and we were good to go!

Boys Room Basketball Themed

Because the rod is removable, we will be able to add more medals as he continues to win more tournaments.

a curtain rod is a simple solution to display sports medals

A curtain rod is a creative and affordable way to display sports medals

He can take them off and reorganize them however he wants. for the intial display I just grouped them by colors.

Stay tuned because I will show you next how to save money when displaying sports jerseys.

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basketball themed Boys bedroom with jerseys display

Other ways to Display Sports Medals

For additional inspiration on finding different display options for your sports medals here are a few favorites from Pinterest.

Display trophies and medals on a shelf – source: Pinterest

I’ve seen other ideas where they get placed using knobs under a shelf, this is also a great idea.

DIY – Display shelf – source: Pinterest

Or you can frame them if they no longer participate in sports and you won’t need to add any more.

Safe-keep medals by saving them in a case – source: Pinterest
Display case for medals – source: Pinterest

What sports do your kids participate in? Leave me a comment below.

16 thoughts on “How to display sports medals in your kid’s room”

  1. That’s such a simple but great way to display medals. My son only has a couple of medals, but he has trophies from quite a few things in school that I need to find a way to display. We also have all his Cub Scout belt badges, I think I am going to save a belt to hang that up and display.

      • Amazimg ideas! My niece is a great dancer and she has won so many competitions and of course received medals too. I am going to share this post with my sis, she can redecor her home now implementing these ideas!

  2. We shall see if my son wins anything in the future! Too soon to tell. If anything he should win a few metals for eating SO MUCH DANG FOOD – hahahahahaha!

  3. What a cool bedroom! My sports mad Son would love this room. That is a wonderful idea to use a curtain rod to display his medals. So easy to add the new ones on!

  4. these are great tips but I wish my son could get these many medals. When it comes to sports and any other events where participation is required, he always takes a back step and prefers to loose rather then competing.

  5. I bought my daughter a medal holder for all her swimming medals (although it is now full!) and it has pride of place on her bedroom wall… this is a great value alternative!

  6. What a genius idea to display medals like that! I can’t wait to do that one day for my son!

  7. Even though my kids weren’t big time athletes, they won a few sports medals and we displayed them on shelves in their bedrooms. I love creative range you shared with us.

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