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Fluffy slime is perfect for toddlers and kids, it is not as sticky, and the fluffy texture is so much fun to get creative and play.

To make white fluffy slime you need 3 ingredients. glue, liquid starch, and the secret ingredient that makes some fluffy, shaving cream. Optional you can add silver glitter for some added sparkle.

This white fluffy slime recipe has so many uses I’m going to show you how you can make it perfectly every time!

white fluffy slime

While trying to achieve the perfect fluffiness I wasted A loooot of glue and ingredients but I am very happy with the results.

the first one I I did was good but not flufffy enough, it make out similar to our rainbow slime which is fun, but here we wanted like snow, jumó on a cloud type of snow! So I knew I had to keep trying. Finally, try number #4 was perfect!

How to make white fluffy slime recipe

Photo tutorial

Combine clear glue, liquid starch (and optional glitter) onto the bowl and stir it with a spoon.

Add activator

The activator is what is going to turn out glue mixture into slime. We will use liquid starch but I have heard contact solution will work too. If you use contact solution you might need to tweak the quantities used.

knead and stretch

Start mixing it inside the bowl to like you would do when making Playdough. This will allow all the liquid starch to be absorbed and moved around the slime.

When all liquid starch has been absorbed, take it out of the bowl and stretch it out while kneading it.

I like to stretch, twist and fold.

Test the stickiness

Sometimes the slime is very sticky even though you follow the exact recipe. Just add 1 tablespoon of liquid starch at a time and continue to knead. Knead for about 30 seconds before deciding to add more.

Sometimes all the ingredients need to be blended; this is achieved by adding a few more stretches and the chance to activate each other.

What if is too wet?

The key ingredient to make your slime fluffy is shaving cream but because shaving cream is hard to measure them sometimes it has too much. I have tested many variations of this recipe and the more shaving cream the softer and fluffiness it gets but too much is too much. To fix this, you can add a little bit more glue and liquid starch.

Add stretchiness

This fluffy slime tends to contract and be stiff. Add a few pumps of hand lotion (I did 10) and stretch, twist and fold until you achieve the stretch knees you want. For toddlers keep it somewhat stiff as this will be easier to handle. Too much hand lotion and slime can get sticky. Be gentle.

when to Use white fluffy slime

White slime is can be used for so many themes. Here are a few ones we have used it for:

Halloween Ghost Slime

Toddlers work better with puffy slime. Slime that is thicker and less stretchy allows them to be creative and no get frustrated with a slime being to hard to control.

We added googly eyes to this activity and had a ton of fun creating our own ghosts, hissing the googly eyes, and then reaching them back on.

We used clear glue for this slime so when we stretched the slime it was a bit see through.

Clear glue activates better than white glue when making slime, so it needs less sta-flo liquid starch than white glue. So if you use white glue, you might need to add some extra liquid starch to reduce the stickiness.

Snowman slime

This was the same slime used for the ghost. I love the sparkle the glitter gives it and that it is just the perfect amount of fluffiness.

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Melted snowman

For the melted snowman, we added extra shaving cream to the recipe to make it extra fluffy. We used googly eyes, a styrofoam carrot, and black beans for the mouth.

Fake snow

This was the same slime we used for the melted snowman. The slime is so fluffy it really feels like a cloud!

Last Thoughts

Slime is a great sensory material to strengthen hand muscles. These muscles are needed to later on learn how to hold a pencil, write and use scissors.

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